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Ontario Celebrates Opening of Long-Term Care Home in Sudbury

Sudbury – Ontario’s commitment to enhancing long-term care infrastructure reached a significant milestone with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art long-term care home in Sudbury. The collaborative effort between the Ontario government and Extendicare Countryside has resulted in the unveiling of a modern facility boasting 256 beds, catering to the growing needs of seniors in the North.

Minister of Long-Term Care, Stan Cho, commended Extendicare Countryside and its team for the successful completion of the project, emphasizing the importance of providing seniors with contemporary and comfortable living spaces. The newly constructed home, which welcomed its first residents earlier this year, is designed to elevate the quality of life for its occupants, featuring amenities aligned with current design standards and comprehensive air conditioning throughout.

Central to the design philosophy are resident home areas, fostering a sense of intimacy and familiarity within the living environment. These spaces encompass dining and activity areas, lounges, and bedrooms, ensuring a holistic living experience for the residents. Notably, Extendicare Countryside has dedicated eight resident home areas, accommodating a total of 32 residents each, with specialized care options, including a designated Memory Care Unit catering to residents with dementia.

The government’s endeavor to overhaul long-term care is underpinned by a multi-faceted approach, focusing on staffing, quality assurance, infrastructure modernization, and enhanced access to essential services for seniors. With an investment of $155.5 million this year alone, the government aims to expedite the construction of new and upgraded long-term care homes, as outlined in the 2024 Ontario Budget: Building a Better Ontario.

Dr. Michael Guerriere, President and CEO of Extendicare, expressed the organization’s commitment to delivering high-quality care, underlining the significance of the new home in Sudbury as a testament to their dedication to seniors’ well-being. MPP for Nipissing, Victor Fedeli, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the broader impact of such initiatives on local communities.

The opening of the long-term care home in Sudbury not only signifies a tangible step towards fulfilling the province’s commitment to seniors’ welfare but also serves as a beacon of hope for enhanced healthcare infrastructure across Ontario.


The inauguration of the long-term care home in Sudbury marks a pivotal moment in Ontario’s efforts to revamp its healthcare infrastructure, particularly in addressing the needs of its aging population. The investment in modernized facilities underscores the government’s recognition of the importance of providing dignified and comfortable living spaces for seniors. Initiatives like these not only cater to immediate requirements but also lay the foundation for a more robust and inclusive healthcare system for future generations. As we celebrate this milestone, it’s imperative to continue advocating for comprehensive reforms that prioritize the well-being of our seniors and ensure equitable access to quality care across the province.

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