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Baskin-Robbins Joins Forces with Webers, Iconic Muskoka Landmark

Orillia, Ontario – A sweet surprise awaits travelers and locals alike as the iconic hamburger haven, Webers, on HWY 11 in Orillia, Ontario, now boasts the delectable delights of Baskin-Robbins ice cream. This historic partnership, announced last Thursday, marks a delightful fusion of two beloved brands, promising a flavorful experience for all who pass through.

Baskin Robbins Hwy 11 - Muskoka
Baskin Robbins Hwy 11 – Muskoka

Owned and operated by Tom Rennie since 2004, Webers has long been hailed as the “unofficial” start to any visit to the picturesque Muskoka Region. Now, with the addition of a Baskin-Robbins counter, menu board, and fully stocked dipping cabinet, patrons can indulge in a wide array of ice cream flavors and milkshakes while savoring Webers’ renowned hamburgers.

Natalie Joseph, a representative of Baskin-Robbins, expressed excitement over the collaboration, stating, “What a historic opening! Webers and Baskin-Robbins are legacy and tradition-rich brands that have been at their craft for decades. It’s just amazing to see them come together.”

Expected to operate seasonally until mid-October, the Baskin-Robbins at Webers will participate in the brand’s traditional promotions and seasonal offerings, including the Pink Spoon Fundraiser for BGC Canada in September and the popular Celebrate 31 programs.

Tom Rennie shared his enthusiasm for the reunion, remarking, “This is a homecoming of sorts for our Webers family. Baskin-Robbins was served at Webers in the mid-1980s with great success, and we are very happy that almost 40 years later, BR is returning to Webers.”

Located at 8825 Hwy 11 N., Orillia, Ontario, the Baskin-Robbins counter within Webers promises to be a hotspot for ice cream enthusiasts and hungry travelers alike.

For more information on Baskin-Robbins and its wide variety of frozen delights, visit baskinrobbins.ca or follow the company on social media platforms.

Stay tuned to GTA Today for more updates on this delectable collaboration between Webers and Baskin-Robbins, bringing joy one scoop at a time.

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