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Ontario Boosts Critical Minerals Sector with $15 Million Investment

Sudbury – Ontario’s mining industry received a significant boost on Monday with the announcement of a $15 million investment over three years into the Critical Minerals Innovation Fund (CMIF). The injection of funds, outlined in the 2024 Budget: Building a Better Ontario, aims to bolster research, development, and commercialization efforts within the critical minerals supply chain.

Led by George Pirie, Ontario’s Minister of Mines, the initiative underscores the province’s commitment to fostering innovation in the mining sector. Pirie emphasized the importance of establishing a robust supply chain to meet the growing global demand for critical minerals essential for various technologies, including batteries and electric vehicles.

The expanded CMIF will facilitate collaboration between the public and private sectors, as well as partnerships with Indigenous communities, to drive technological advancements. This investment is expected to stimulate economic growth and create job opportunities in Ontario’s mining sector.

Peter Bethlenfalvy, Ontario’s Minister of Finance, hailed the investment as a pivotal step towards strengthening the province’s economy. He emphasized the importance of supporting workers, businesses, and Indigenous communities to ensure long-term prosperity.

The $15 million commitment forms part of the government’s broader strategy to integrate the mineral-rich regions in the north with manufacturing hubs in the south. Projects supported by the CMIF highlight Ontario’s vast mineral resources and industry expertise, positioning the province as a global leader in the critical minerals sector.

Applications for funding through the CMIF will be accepted from May 22 to July 17, 2024, with a focus on encouraging collaboration between companies, Indigenous communities, and academic institutions.


Ontario’s investment in the Critical Minerals Innovation Fund signals a positive development for the province’s mining sector and the broader economy. By fostering innovation and collaboration, the government aims to capitalize on Ontario’s rich mineral resources and establish a competitive edge in the global market. This investment not only creates opportunities for job creation but also paves the way for sustainable economic growth in the years to come. As Ontario continues to invest in research and development, it solidifies its position as a key player in the critical minerals sector, driving innovation and prosperity across the province.

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