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New Long-Term Care Facility Opens its Doors in Temiskaming Shores

Temiskaming Shores – A momentous occasion unfolded in Temiskaming Shores as the ribbon was cut to signify the grand opening of Temiskaming Lodge, a state-of-the-art long-term care facility boasting 128 beds. This new addition to the community marks a significant step forward in addressing the need for quality elder care in Northern Ontario.

Temiskaming Lodge, a project realized through the collaborative efforts of the Ontario government and Jarlette Health Services, is part of a broader initiative to revamp long-term care infrastructure across the province. The facility’s design reflects a commitment to providing residents with a comfortable and dignified living environment, with modern furnishings and amenities.

In addition to 46 new beds, Temiskaming Lodge also features 82 upgraded beds, ensuring that a greater number of seniors have access to quality care close to home. The facility is divided into four distinct resident home areas, each tailored to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of a private residence.

One of the hallmarks of Temiskaming Lodge is its adoption of the Butterfly Approach to dementia care. By focusing on emotional well-being and creating a supportive environment, the facility aims to enhance the quality of life for residents living with dementia. Furthermore, Temiskaming Lodge is committed to cultural inclusivity, catering to Francophone and Indigenous residents with bilingual staff members and culturally-specific programming.

Commenting on the opening, Minister of Long-Term Care, Stan Cho, emphasized the government’s dedication to improving long-term care services for Ontario’s seniors. “Today marks an important milestone for Temiskaming Shores and the 128 residents who now have a modern, comfortable place to call home,” stated Cho. “Our government is fixing long-term care and ensuring we build homes for seniors in the communities they helped build.”

As Temiskaming Lodge begins its journey of providing compassionate care to its residents, the Ontario government continues to invest in long-term care infrastructure across the province. Through initiatives like the Fixing Long-Term Care Act and strategic funding allocations, the government aims to address waitlists and ensure that seniors receive the quality care they deserve.


The opening of Temiskaming Lodge signifies a positive development in long-term care services not only for Temiskaming Shores but for Northern Ontario as a whole. By prioritizing modern amenities, person-centered care, and cultural inclusivity, the facility sets a commendable standard for elder care in the region. As the government continues its efforts to improve long-term care infrastructure, communities across the Greater Toronto Area can look to initiatives like Temiskaming Lodge as models for enhancing senior living conditions.

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