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York University Introduces Groundbreaking Certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics

TORONTO – York University’s School of Continuing Studies has announced the launch of its new Certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics, a six-month program designed to address the rising demand for data-driven marketing professionals. Set to begin in January 2025, this program aims to equip participants with the skills needed to transform marketing strategies through the power of data.

“In today’s fast-paced digital marketing landscape, data abundance presents challenges for those unable to extract meaningful insights. As the demand for data-savvy marketing professionals continues to rise, the York University School of Continuing Studies has introduced a crucial program for today’s digital marketers,” says Jason Rivarola, head of performance media and martech at a major Canadian retailer and program advisory council member for the Certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics. “This curriculum is crafted to bridge the divide between traditional marketing knowledge and cutting-edge data analysis, empowering students with vital skills to excel in the digital era. This program marks a pivotal step in demystifying data for marketers.”

As marketing increasingly relies on digital channels, there is a growing need for professionals who can leverage data effectively. The Greater Toronto Area is witnessing a 28% annual growth in digital marketing analytics roles, highlighting the relevance and timeliness of this program.

“In our discussions with marketing leaders and employers, they have stressed the increasing importance data literacy plays in maximizing their marketing efforts and spending. The problem they are facing is many of their marketing teams don’t possess the advanced skills to drill into campaign data, while analytics teams don’t have the marketing expertise required to effectively action insights,” says Christine Brooks-Cappadocia, assistant vice president of continuing studies at York University. “This program will give professionals a comprehensive education in marketing and analytics with hands-on practice using analytics tools and techniques they can immediately use in their current roles.”

The program’s curriculum, developed in partnership with digital marketing experts, covers essential topics such as marketing metrics, consumer behavior analysis, data modeling, and the use of AI tools. Students will gain hands-on experience and complete a capstone project to showcase their learning. The courses will be taught by senior-level digital marketing professionals, ensuring practical, real-world insights.

For more information on the Certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics and to register for the January 2025 session, visit the York University School of Continuing Studies website.

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