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Walmart Canada Launches National Reusable Bag Recycling Program

MISSISSAUGA, ON – In a move aimed at promoting sustainability and reducing waste, Walmart Canada has announced the launch of the Walmart Blue Bag Recycling Program. This national pilot initiative, in partnership with TerraCycle, offers customers across the country the opportunity to recycle their excess or damaged Walmart reusable blue bags for free.

Jennifer Brabazza, Senior Sustainability Manager at Walmart Canada, expressed pride in the retailer’s commitment to environmental stewardship. “The move away from single-use plastic bags two years ago took a learning curve on the part of Canadians, and we are proud to learn alongside them as we make this change together,” she stated. “Today, we are excited to offer Canadians a fresh start by launching our national reusable bag recycling pilot program.”

Under the program, TerraCycle will select still usable bags to wash and donate to charitable partners, such as Food Banks Canada. Additionally, damaged bags will be recycled into raw materials for manufacturing new products like pallets, plastic shipping materials, and outdoor furniture.

Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle, commended Walmart Canada for taking voluntary steps to reduce waste. “As Canada’s largest grocery retailer with a reusable bag recycling program, Walmart is leading the way by taking voluntary steps to reduce the amount of reusable shopping bags that end up in landfills and incinerators,” he said.

To kick off the initiative, Walmart Canada is hosting “Fresh Starts Day” on April 22, 2024, coinciding with Earth Day. On this day, customers are encouraged to pack their excess reusable blue Walmart bags and send them to TerraCycle for washing or recycling. Participation is free, with customers required to register on TerraCycle’s website and drop off their packages at UPS locations.

The national reusable bag recycling program marks the latest step in Walmart Canada’s commitment to sustainability. In 2022, the retailer eliminated single-use plastic bags, preventing over 680 million plastic bags from entering circulation annually.

Enrollment limits may apply to the pilot program. For more information and to participate, visit the TerraCycle website.


Walmart Canada’s initiative to launch a national reusable bag recycling program is a significant step forward in the fight against plastic pollution and waste. By partnering with TerraCycle, Walmart is not only providing customers with a convenient way to recycle their bags but also contributing to the circular economy by repurposing materials for new products.

This initiative aligns with the growing public demand for sustainable practices and reflects Walmart Canada’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. Encouraging customers to participate in “Fresh Starts Day” demonstrates the retailer’s dedication to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

As we celebrate Earth Day, Walmart Canada’s leadership in promoting sustainability serves as an inspiration for other retailers and businesses to adopt similar initiatives. Together, we can work towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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