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Vuse and McLaren Unveil Japanese-Inspired Livery by Self-Taught Artist MILTZ at Japanese Grand Prix

Suzuka, Japan – In a groundbreaking collaboration between Vuse, the leading global vape brand, and the McLaren Formula 1 Team, the highly anticipated unveiling of the McLaren MCL38 car livery took place today at the FORMULA 1 MSC CRUISES JAPANESE GRAND PRIX 2024. The bespoke design, created by self-taught Japanese artist MILTZ, pays homage to Japan’s rich cultural heritage while infusing a modern flair, marking a significant moment in Formula 1 history.

Inspired by the traditional script known as Edomoji, which originated during Japan’s Edo period (1603-1868), MILTZ’s livery design captures the essence of speed and motion. The centerpiece of the design is an Edomoji-inspired dragon racing through clouds, symbolizing the adrenaline-fueled excitement of Formula 1 racing. Additionally, MILTZ’s signature style is evident in the personalized depiction of drivers’ names and numbers, specially crafted for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Reflecting on his journey as an artist, MILTZ expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to showcase his work on such a prestigious platform. “This is the biggest international project I have ever done,” he remarked.

The livery design, which draws inspiration from both past Vuse and McLaren liveries and the distinctive artwork of Rabab Tantawy’s Nubians, exemplifies the theme of “Driven by Change,” a campaign aimed at showcasing emerging artistic talent on a global stage.

Commenting on the collaboration, Louise McEwen, Chief Marketing Officer at McLaren Racing, expressed her excitement about bringing the “Driven by Change” initiative to Japan. “We have seen the successes of the campaign in showcasing the incredible creativity of these talented and undiscovered artists for the world to see on our race cars,” she stated.

As the McLaren MCL38 car takes to the track adorned with MILTZ’s captivating design, Formula 1 fans worldwide eagerly anticipate witnessing the fusion of tradition and innovation in one of the most exhilarating races of the season.


The partnership between Vuse, McLaren, and MILTZ represents a fusion of art, technology, and sport, demonstrating the power of collaboration to inspire and captivate audiences. MILTZ’s journey from a freelance artist to an internationally renowned collaborator highlights the transformative impact of pursuing one’s passion with dedication and perseverance.

By incorporating elements of Japanese tradition into the high-speed world of Formula 1, MILTZ’s livery design transcends cultural boundaries, fostering a deeper appreciation for diversity and creativity within the sport. As Formula 1 continues to evolve, collaborations like this serve as a testament to the enduring allure of innovation and the boundless possibilities that arise when different worlds collide.

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