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Trudeau Highlights Historic Budget 2024: Free Contraception and Diabetes Medications for Canadians

Truro, Nova Scotia – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unveiled a transformative plan to make contraception and diabetes medications free for Canadians, marking a significant stride towards universal pharmacare. This initiative, announced as part of Budget 2024, addresses the urgent need for affordable medication amidst the increasing strain on provincial and territorial health care systems.

Major Health Care Reforms

Universal Coverage for Key Medications:

  • Contraception: Effective immediately, a wide array of contraception options, including birth control pills, IUDs, implants, and emergency contraception, will be available at no cost. This measure is set to benefit nine million women across Canada, enhancing their reproductive freedom and autonomy.
  • Diabetes Medications: Essential medications for diabetes management, such as insulin and other drugs for Type 2 diabetes, will also be provided free of charge. This initiative is expected to assist 3.7 million Canadians, including many seniors, potentially saving them up to $1,700 annually. Additionally, a dedicated fund will be established to support access to necessary diabetes devices and supplies.

Enhancing Dental Care

The announcement builds on previous health care improvements, including the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) launched last fall. The CDCP offers comprehensive dental coverage to nine million uninsured Canadians, encompassing services like cleanings, fillings, X-rays, and dentures. To date, nearly two million people have enrolled, with over 100,000 seniors receiving covered dental services since May 1.

Strengthening Health Care Services

Trudeau also highlighted a substantial $200 billion investment aimed at improving health care services nationwide. This funding will help reduce wait times, support front-line health care workers, enhance mental health services, and modernize the health system. Tailored bilateral agreements will address the specific needs of diverse regions, including Northern and Indigenous communities.

Additional Budget 2024 Initiatives

  • Canada Disability Benefit: A new benefit will be introduced to improve the financial well-being of over 600,000 persons with disabilities.
  • National School Food Program: This program will expand access to nutritious meals for more than 400,000 children.
  • Child Care Expansion Loan Program: Aimed at creating more child care spaces and supporting working parents.
  • Strengthening the Canada Pension Plan: Ensuring long-term stability and security for retirees.

Quick Facts

  • Bill C-64: Introduced in February 2024, it sets the foundation for universal pharmacare, initially focusing on contraception and diabetes medications.
  • Canada Health Transfer (CHT): Includes a guaranteed 5% increase for provinces and territories that improve health data management, plus a one-time $2 billion top-up for immediate health care needs.
  • Oral Health Access Fund (OHAF): Launched to further reduce barriers to dental health care, especially in rural and remote areas.


These landmark initiatives underscore the federal government’s commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of Canadians. By ensuring equitable access to essential medications and health services, Budget 2024 aims to build a fairer, healthier future for all generations.

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