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Trudeau and Kishida Reaffirm Strong Canada-Japan Partnership at G7 Summit

Apulia, Italy In a significant diplomatic encounter on the sidelines of the G7 Summit in Apulia, Italy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with his Japanese counterpart, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio. The two leaders reaffirmed the robust strategic partnership between Canada and Japan, underscoring their shared commitment to a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region.

During the meeting, both Prime Ministers emphasized the importance of upholding human rights and strengthening the rules-based international order. They highlighted the necessity of enhancing regional peace and security, aligning Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy with Japan’s plan for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific. This discussion reflects the deepening cooperation between the two nations in addressing global security concerns.

Economic Collaboration and Investment

A key focus of the meeting was the expansion of bilateral trade and investment ties. Prime Minister Trudeau welcomed the recent significant investments by Japanese companies in Canadian critical minerals projects and the electric vehicle sector. These investments are expected to bolster economic growth and create middle-class jobs in both countries.

The leaders also discussed advancing the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). As the 2024 CPTPP Commission Chair, Canada’s priorities in this regard received strong support from Japan. This collaboration aims to enhance trade relations and economic cooperation within the Asia-Pacific region.

Addressing Global Challenges

In addition to bilateral economic cooperation, Prime Ministers Trudeau and Kishida Fumio agreed to continue working closely together to address global challenges. They emphasized the importance of collaboration with G7 partners and emerging economies, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. A significant part of their discussion centered around responding to North Korea’s ongoing development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

Furthermore, the leaders reiterated their unwavering support for Ukraine amidst Russia’s ongoing aggression. This alignment showcases Canada and Japan’s commitment to maintaining global peace and security through collective action and international solidarity.

The meeting concluded with both leaders expressing their commitment to remain in close contact and continue their cooperative efforts. The encounter between Prime Ministers Trudeau and Kishida marks another step forward in the enduring partnership between Canada and Japan, promising continued collaboration on shared priorities.

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