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Trudeau Advocates Fair Housing Measures During Hamilton Visit

Hamilton, Ontario – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Hamilton today to emphasize the government’s commitment to addressing housing affordability issues, particularly for renters and first-time home buyers. Against the backdrop of the city’s housing challenges, Trudeau reiterated the significance of measures already announced in Budget 2024 and Canada’s Housing Plan aimed at making the housing market fairer and more accessible.

Trudeau underscored the importance of incorporating rental payment history into credit scores, a landmark proposal outlined in Budget 2024. This initiative aims to empower renters by allowing their on-time rent payments to enhance their creditworthiness, ultimately facilitating their transition into homeownership. By highlighting this measure, Trudeau emphasized the government’s dedication to leveling the playing field for Canadians facing housing challenges.

In addition to the rental payment history initiative, Trudeau reiterated the enhancements to the Home Buyers’ Plan, which include increasing the withdrawal limit from Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and extending the grace period for repayment. These adjustments are designed to provide greater financial flexibility for first-time home buyers, enabling them to accumulate larger down payments and enter the housing market more confidently.

Furthermore, Trudeau emphasized the government’s commitment to protecting Canadians from unfair competition in the housing market. Measures such as extending the ban on foreign buying of residential properties and cracking down on non-compliant short-term rental operators were reiterated as part of the government’s strategy to ensure housing availability for local residents.

During his visit, Trudeau reaffirmed his government’s dedication to addressing the housing crisis and creating a fairer housing market for Canadians. He emphasized the need for collaborative efforts between all levels of government and stakeholders to effectively tackle housing affordability challenges across the country.


Trudeau’s visit to Hamilton serves as a timely reminder of the government’s ongoing efforts to address housing affordability issues. By reiterating the importance of previously announced measures, Trudeau underscores the government’s commitment to supporting renters and first-time home buyers in accessing affordable housing opportunities. The emphasis on collaboration and partnership highlights the recognition of housing affordability as a multifaceted issue requiring coordinated action. As Hamilton and other communities continue to grapple with housing challenges, Trudeau’s advocacy for fair housing measures signals a step in the right direction towards achieving greater housing equity for all Canadians.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

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