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Trailblazing Canadian Politician Iona Campagnolo Remembered Fondly by Prime Minister Trudeau

In a solemn statement issued today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid tribute to the remarkable life and legacy of the Honourable Iona Campagnolo, a trailblazing Canadian politician and former Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.

Campagnolo, renowned for her contributions to Canadian politics and advocacy for women’s rights, passed away recently, leaving behind a legacy of tireless service and dedication to public service.

Starting her career in broadcasting in Prince Rupert, Campagnolo’s commitment to public service led her to serve on local school boards and city councils before being elected as a Member of Parliament in 1974. During her tenure in office, she held the position of Minister of State for Fitness and Amateur Sport under Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Prime Minister Trudeau highlighted Campagnolo’s role as a leading voice for women’s rights, both domestically and internationally, and noted her historic achievement as the first woman to serve as President of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Beyond her political career, Iona Campagnolo continued to champion important causes, including human rights, through her involvement with organizations such as the North-South Institute and the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development.

In recognition of her extraordinary contributions, Campagnolo received numerous awards and accolades, including appointments to the Order of Canada and the Order of British Columbia.

As the first woman to hold the title of Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, Campagnolo continued her dedication to public service, advocating for causes such as climate action, gender equality, and reconciliation.

Prime Minister Trudeau concluded his statement by extending heartfelt condolences to Campagnolo’s loved ones and all British Columbians, acknowledging her as a trailblazer whose passion and commitment will continue to inspire future generations of Canadians.


Iona Campagnolo’s passing marks the end of an era in Canadian politics. Her tireless dedication to public service and advocacy for women’s rights have left an indelible mark on our nation’s history. As we mourn her loss, let us also celebrate her legacy and strive to continue the work she began. Campagnolo’s example reminds us all of the importance of service to others and the enduring impact that one individual can have on society.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

Alwin Marshall-Squire is the Editor-in-Chief of GTA Today and serves as the Parliament Hill Reporter covering Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet. With a commitment to accurate and timely news coverage, Marshall-Squire brings depth and insight to the forefront of Canadian journalism. For feedback, reach out at

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