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Toronto Welcomes Early Opening of Wading Pools and Outdoor Pools Amidst Rising Temperatures

Toronto ON – As temperatures soar earlier than usual this year, Toronto residents are set to enjoy a refreshing head start on summer fun with the City’s early opening of wading pools and outdoor swimming facilities. Starting this Saturday, June 15, ten wading pools and ten outdoor pools across Toronto will welcome swimmers looking to cool off amidst the summer heat.

The decision to open these facilities ahead of schedule reflects Toronto’s proactive approach to climate change adaptation, responding to the city’s increasingly warmer springs. Mayor Olivia Chow expressed her delight at the early openings, emphasizing the importance of providing cooling options for residents as temperatures rise.

Among the wading pools opening this weekend are popular spots like High Park, Kew Gardens, and Riverdale Park West, offering families and children a chance to splash and play in a safe and enjoyable environment. Each location will operate on a part-time schedule initially, with full summer schedules commencing later this month.

Similarly, outdoor pools such as Alex Duff Memorial Pool, Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool, and others will open their doors with evening and weekend hours starting June 15. Full-time summer schedules for all outdoor pools will kick off on June 28, ensuring ample opportunity for residents to make the most of Toronto’s aquatic amenities.

In addition to the pools, Toronto’s splash pads have been in operation since mid-May, running daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., offering a fun and safe way for children and families to stay cool throughout the day. Lifeguards are also stationed at ten of the city’s beaches from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily, ensuring a safe environment for beachgoers to enjoy the water.

The City’s outdoor pool leisure swim program remains free for all ages, with no reservations required, encouraging everyone to take advantage of these facilities to stay active and beat the heat this summer.

For detailed information on hours of operation, pool use guidelines, and supervision requirements, residents are encouraged to visit the City’s official website or contact their local recreation centers.

With the early opening of these aquatic facilities, Toronto is not only providing relief from the summer heat but also reinforcing its commitment to enhancing community well-being through accessible recreational opportunities.


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