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Toronto Launches Annual Spring Cleanup Initiative: Clean Toronto Together

In an effort to promote environmental stewardship and community engagement, the City of Toronto is gearing up to kick off its annual spring cleanup program, Clean Toronto Together. The initiative, touted as Canada’s largest municipal spring cleanup program, is set to commence on April 19, and will run until Earth Day on April 22.

Mayor Olivia Chow, alongside City of Toronto officials, will lead the launch event, scheduled to take place from 11:30 a.m. to Noon at Nathan Phillips Square, located at 100 Queen Street West. This marks the beginning of a weekend dedicated to rallying citizens, co-workers, neighborhood groups, families, and individuals to come together and tackle litter in public spaces such as parks, ravines, sidewalks, and beaches.

Clean Toronto Together encourages participation in various ways, including organized weekday “20-Minute Makeovers” by businesses and schools, as well as community-led cleanups in local parks and public spaces. The initiative aims to not only beautify the city but also to enhance road and sidewalk safety, improve air quality, and contribute to cleaner and safer green spaces for both people and animals.

Over the course of four weeks in April, the City deploys an impressive array of equipment, including litter vacuums, sweepers, front-end loaders, and dump trucks, to remove dirt, debris, and graffiti from streets, bikeways, parks, and watercourses. These efforts play a crucial role in mitigating the negative impacts of litter and illegal dumping on waterways, aquatic life, animals, soil, plants, and trees.

In 2023, the Spring Clean-up Litter Operations yielded remarkable results, with 2,604 pick-up truck loads of waste removed, totaling 977 metric tonnes.


Clean Toronto Together represents more than just a cleanup initiative; it embodies the spirit of community collaboration and environmental responsibility. By mobilizing citizens to take action and invest in the cleanliness and sustainability of their city, Toronto sets an inspiring example for other municipalities across Canada and beyond. As we embark on this year’s cleanup efforts, let’s not only clean up our streets but also renew our commitment to protecting and preserving the environment for generations to come.


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