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Toronto Implements New Measures to Address Dangerous Dog Behavior

In response to a series of dog attacks in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the City of Toronto has rolled out new measures aimed at addressing dangerous dog behavior and enhancing public safety. Approved by Toronto City Council on March 20, these measures come in the wake of alarming incidents, including severe maulings of a woman in East York in the summer of 2023 and a young boy in March 2024, both involving dogs already under dangerous dog orders.

As part of the initiative, city staff will conduct visits to owners of dogs with dangerous dog orders over the next month. These visits will prioritize severity and aim to ensure compliance with the orders. Owners will receive standardized warning signs to be prominently displayed on their properties, serving as a visible reminder of their obligations under the dangerous dog orders. Failure to comply may result in fines of up to $615 or even court-issued fines of up to $100,000 upon conviction.

Moreover, the city has established a public list of dangerous dogs, detailing the first three digits of the postal code for the dog owner, ward number, the dog’s name, breed, color, and the date of the dangerous act. This list, along with other resources, is available on the City’s Dangerous Dog webpage to facilitate public awareness and accountability.

Mayor Olivia Chow emphasized the importance of preventing negative encounters with dangerous dogs in public spaces, urging residents to report any sightings of non-compliant dogs to 311 for investigation. Keeping dogs leashed in public areas, except in designated off-leash areas, is crucial to community safety, Mayor Chow stressed.

Councillor Paula Fletcher, representing Toronto-Danforth, underscored the significance of holding dog owners accountable and ensuring understanding of the requirements under dangerous dog orders. She emphasized the need for cooperation from residents in reporting incidents and adhering to leash regulations.

In addition to enforcement measures, the city is advocating for responsible dog ownership and promoting prevention as the most effective strategy against dog attacks. With 79 off-leash dog areas currently in operation and plans for 10 more in the next five years, the city continues to explore ways to accommodate dog owners while prioritizing public safety.


The implementation of these new measures underscores the City of Toronto’s commitment to addressing the issue of dangerous dog behavior and enhancing safety within the community. By proactively engaging with dog owners, enforcing compliance, and raising public awareness, the city aims to mitigate the risks associated with dangerous dogs while promoting responsible pet ownership. Residents are encouraged to cooperate with these efforts by adhering to leash regulations and promptly reporting any concerns to city authorities. Through collective action and collaboration, we can ensure a safer environment for both residents and their furry companions in the GTA.


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