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Toronto Hosts Fourth Collision Conference, Welcoming Global Tech Leaders and Innovators

Toronto — The City of Toronto proudly hosts the 2024 Collision conference, North America’s fastest-growing technology event, attracting thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs, and tech professionals from around the globe. Starting today and running through Thursday, June 20, the conference takes place at the Enercare Centre and Beanfield Centre at Exhibition Place.

Toronto Pavilion Launch Event

The Toronto Pavilion will officially open on Tuesday, June 18, with a launch event at 11:30 a.m. This pavilion offers attendees the opportunity to explore how Toronto supports the technology sector, promotes growth and innovation, and showcases why the city is a prime destination for living and working.

Conference Highlights

Collision 2024 boasts an impressive lineup, including:

  • Over 800 speakers
  • 1,400 journalists
  • 1,000 investors
  • 2,000 startups
  • 300 partners from more than 140 countries

These participants will engage in discussions, foster connections, and address real-world challenges, driving forward global innovation.

Economic Impact

The conference significantly bolsters Toronto’s economy. According to Destination Toronto, Collision 2024 is expected to generate $42 million in visitor spending. The previous conferences in 2019, 2022, and 2023 collectively contributed approximately $112 million in visitor spending and $189 million in economic impact.

Toronto’s Thriving Tech Sector

As the largest technology hub in Canada and the third largest in North America, Toronto is home to 24,000 companies and 289,000 tech workers. The city’s diverse talent pool and cutting-edge research and development make it a global leader in technology and innovation.

Strategic Partnerships

The City of Toronto has partnered with Destination Toronto and Exhibition Place to host this prestigious event, which first came to Toronto in 2019. Collision continues to attract foreign direct investment, facilitate international trade and partnerships, and boost venture capital investment in Canadian companies.

Why Toronto?

Toronto’s role as a technology hub is underscored by its ability to attract top talent and foster a vibrant startup ecosystem. The city’s support for technology industries and commitment to fostering growth and innovation make it an ideal location for Collision.

More Information

For detailed information about Collision 2024, including the full list of speakers and the event schedule, visit Collision’s website.

GTA Today will continue to provide updates and coverage of the Collision conference throughout the week. Stay tuned for exclusive interviews, highlights, and insights from the event.


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