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Tonic Spa Opens at The Well™, Offering Cutting-Edge Wellness Services

Toronto ON – Toronto’s renowned fitness and wellness destination, Sweat and Tonic, has unveiled its latest venture – Tonic Spa, a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation nestled within The Well™ in downtown Toronto’s west end. With its grand opening, Tonic Spa introduces a fusion of traditional spa treatments and state-of-the-art biohacking therapies, setting a new standard for integrated wellness experiences in the city.

Spanning an expansive 10,000 square feet, Tonic Spa boasts six high-touch service treatment rooms, five cutting-edge biohacking therapy rooms, and a luxurious 50-foot saltwater lap pool complemented by a hydrotherapy circuit. Morgan Thomas, Chief Brand Officer of Sweat and Tonic, expressed excitement about the community’s response, citing over 145,000 bookings since December at The Well™ location alone, and over a million bookings across Sweat and Tonic as a whole.

Tonic Spa aims to cater to diverse wellness needs, offering a range of treatments from Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage to Registered Massage Therapy, alongside advanced biohacking options like Red Light Therapy and Cryotherapy. Guests can also indulge in holistic hydrotherapy experiences on the pool deck, featuring amenities like a saltwater jetted hot tub and a combined infrared and traditional electric sauna.

Commenting on the launch, Thomas emphasized Tonic Spa’s commitment to providing top-notch services and support for guests’ wellness goals. “The vision for Sweat and Tonic was always to create a space between work and home where guests could sweat, recover and connect” said Thomas. “We could not be more thrilled that we now offer a full-service spa with the most advanced technologies and experienced spa professionals to further support our community’s goals.”

In addition to individual treatments, Tonic Spa offers personalized treatment plans curated by its concierge service, catering to specific wellness objectives, whether it’s injury prevention, recovery, or simply relaxation. For those seeking a comprehensive wellness experience, Sweat and Tonic introduces Club Transcend, Canada’s most exclusive 360-degree wellness membership, encompassing fitness classes, personal training sessions, biohacking services, IV therapy treatments, DEXA scans, and access to exclusive amenities.

As Tonic Spa opens its doors to Torontonians seeking holistic wellness solutions, it underscores a growing trend towards integrated approaches to health and well-being. With its blend of luxury spa experiences and cutting-edge technologies, Tonic Spa aims to redefine the city’s wellness landscape, offering a haven for individuals to prioritize their physical and mental wellness amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life.


The launch of Tonic Spa represents a significant milestone in Toronto’s wellness industry, reflecting a shift towards comprehensive approaches to health and self-care. With its innovative blend of traditional spa therapies and advanced biohacking treatments, Tonic Spa sets a new standard for integrated wellness experiences. As individuals increasingly prioritize holistic well-being, establishments like Tonic Spa play a crucial role in providing avenues for relaxation, recovery, and rejuvenation. The introduction of Club Transcend further underscores Sweat and Tonic’s commitment to offering inclusive wellness solutions tailored to diverse needs. As Tonic Spa opens its doors, it invites Torontonians to embark on a journey towards optimal health and vitality.

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