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Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign Returns, Supporting Local Charities and Community Groups

TORONTO – Tim Hortons, Canada’s beloved coffee chain, has kicked off its annual Smile Cookie campaign today, promising to donate 100% of proceeds from each cookie sold to over 600 charities and community groups chosen by local Tim Hortons restaurant owners.

The week-long campaign, running from April 29 to May 5, aims to surpass last year’s remarkable fundraising achievement of $19.7 million. With every purchase of a Smile Cookie, patrons not only indulge in a sweet treat but also contribute to various charitable causes, ranging from local hospitals and community care organizations to food banks and schools.

“Our annual Smile Cookie campaign is a beloved and cherished tradition for Tim Hortons restaurant owners, team members, and guests because of the amazing impact we can make together – while enjoying some delicious cookies,” said Axel Schwan, President of Tim Hortons.

Since its inception in 1996, the Smile Cookie campaign has evolved into a nationwide charitable effort, initially raising funds for the Hamilton Children’s Hospital. Over the years, it has expanded its reach, raising a cumulative total of more than $111 million across Canada and the United States for numerous charities and organizations.

Guests have the option to not only purchase Smile Cookies but also to support the cause by acquiring one of four adorable Smile Cookie personality pins: the Loopy, Bugsy, Starry, and Squirmy Smile Cookie pins.

To participate in this year’s Smile Cookie campaign, guests can visit their local Tim Hortons, place an order through the Tim Hortons mobile app for delivery, or request a bulk order form for larger pre-orders at their local restaurant.

For a comprehensive list of local charities and community groups benefitting from the Smile Cookie campaign, interested parties can visit www.timhortons.ca/smile-cookie.


The Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign has become a much-anticipated event each year, symbolizing not only the joy of giving but also the spirit of community that defines Canadian culture. With every bite of a Smile Cookie, individuals across the Greater Toronto Area can make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. It’s heartening to see a corporate giant like Tim Hortons leveraging its influence to support local initiatives, underscoring the importance of corporate social responsibility in today’s world. As the campaign unfolds over the next week, let’s rally together to surpass last year’s fundraising total and make an even greater impact on our communities.

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