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Tim Hortons Celebrates 60 Years of Canadian Connection

Toronto – Tim Hortons, the beloved Canadian coffee and donut chain, is commemorating a remarkable milestone – 60 years since the opening of its inaugural restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario. Since May 17, 1964, when founder Tim Horton first welcomed customers into his humble establishment, Tim Hortons has grown to become an integral part of Canadian culture, synonymous with warmth, community, and of course, a great cup of coffee.

Reflecting on this significant anniversary, Axel Schwan, president of Tim Hortons, highlighted the enduring vision of Tim Horton himself. “60 years ago, Tim had a vision to create a place where anyone could go at anytime and feel at home and that continues to be a core part of our mission today,” said Schwan.

To mark this milestone, Tim Hortons has curated a series of events and initiatives aimed at evoking nostalgia and giving back to the community. In January, the chain delighted customers by reintroducing four classic Retro Donuts, including the Walnut Crunch, Dutchie, Blueberry Fritter, and Cinnamon Sugar Twist.

As spring ushered in warmer weather, Tim Hortons kicked off the season with two special drinks honoring the 25th anniversary of its iconic Iced Capp: the new CARAMILK® Iced Capp and the OREO DOUBLE STUF® Iced Capp, enticing patrons with a delicious blend of nostalgia and innovation.

Furthermore, in collaboration with “Come From Away” originating producer Michael Rubinoff and a team of Canadian talents, Tim Hortons announced “The Last Timbit” musical, set to premiere in Toronto in late June, promising an unforgettable celebration of Canadian culture and community.

Looking ahead, Tim Hortons is gearing up for its annual Camp Day on July 17, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps. On Camp Day, 100% of hot and iced coffee sales at Tim Hortons restaurants will be donated to support the foundation, which has provided invaluable support to underserved youth, equipping them with essential skills for the future.

In addition to these initiatives, Tim Hortons remains committed to supporting local communities through initiatives like the Smile Cookie campaign, Timbits Sports, and partnerships with organizations like Special Olympics Canada and Indigenous charities.

As Tim Hortons celebrates its diamond anniversary, it reaffirms its position as Canada’s most-loved restaurant brand, a testament to its unwavering dedication to connecting Canadians and supporting communities across the country.

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