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Tim Hortons Celebrates 25 Years of Iced Capp with New Flavors

Toronto, ON – Tim Hortons, Canada’s beloved coffee chain, is marking a significant milestone this year as it celebrates the 25th anniversary of its iconic Iced Capp. To commemorate this occasion, Tim Hortons is introducing two tantalizing variations of the classic summer beverage: the CARAMILK® Iced Capp and the much-anticipated return of the OREO DOUBLE STUF® Iced Capp.

The CARAMILK® Iced Capp features Tim Hortons’ signature Iced Capp base blended with delectable milk chocolate chunks, a swirl of whipped topping, and a generous drizzle of gooey caramel syrup. Meanwhile, the OREO DOUBLE STUF® Iced Capp promises an indulgent experience with its blend of OREO® cookie crumble, vanilla syrup, vanilla-flavored whipped topping, and an additional layer of OREO® cookie crumble.

Carolina Berti, Vice President of Category and Innovation at Tim Hortons, expressed her excitement for the start of the cold beverage season and the celebration of the Iced Capp’s anniversary. She emphasized the diverse range of delicious options available for guests to enjoy throughout the spring and summer.

In addition to the new Iced Capp flavors, Tim Hortons is also introducing two refreshing Sparkling Quencher flavors: Mango Starfruit and Wildberry Hibiscus. For those craving a pick-me-up, the Tiramisu Cold Brew offers a smooth and velvety taste infused with espresso and topped with espresso-infused cold foam and cocoa powder.

These new offerings are now available at participating Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada and can also be ordered for delivery through the Tim Hortons app. Additionally, Tim Hortons has launched its 2024 Everyday Drinkware Collection, featuring a variety of sizes, formats, and stylish designs, at participating locations.

As Canadians gear up for warmer weather, the Tim Hortons team invites guests to celebrate 25 years of Iced Capp indulgence and explore the exciting flavors of the spring and summer lineup.


Tim Hortons’ announcement of new Iced Capp flavors comes as a delightful surprise for fans of the iconic beverage. The addition of the CARAMILK® and OREO DOUBLE STUF® variations adds a delicious twist to the classic summer drink, providing customers with even more options to satisfy their cravings. With the arrival of warmer weather, these refreshing offerings are sure to be a hit among Canadians looking for a cool and tasty treat. Whether you’re a longtime fan or trying an Iced Capp for the first time, Tim Hortons’ anniversary celebration promises to be a flavorful journey worth embarking on.

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