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The Art of Banksy Exhibition Opens at Lighthouse Artspace Toronto

TORONTO – The Art of Banksy, a major exhibition featuring over 160 pieces from the anonymous and enigmatic Bristol-based artist Banksy, opened on Wednesday at the Lighthouse Artspace, 1 Yonge Street, Toronto. This significant event brings Banksy’s iconic works to Toronto, showcasing twice the number of artworks compared to its 2018 premiere in the city. With a total value of $35 million, the exhibition includes stencils used in wall graffiti, previously unseen artworks, prints, canvases, and intriguing ephemera.

Among the highlights are four color versions of the iconic “Girl With Balloon,” including a rare gold version, and a global exclusive of the first-ever “Flower Thrower.” The exhibition also features the North American debut of Banksy’s 2022 version of the Mona Lisa. This previously unknown work was purchased directly from the artist in 2003 by an unnamed Hollywood A-lister and returned to Banksy in 2022, who transformed it into an entirely new piece.

Presented by Starvox Exhibits in collaboration with London-based GTP Exhibitions, The Art of Banksy comes to Toronto following a successful run in Soho, London. Starvox Exhibits first introduced The Art of Banksy to Canadian audiences in 2018, which led to sold-out presentations in cities such as Chicago, Boston, Washington, Denver, and San Francisco.

Corey Ross, CEO of Starvox Exhibits, is known for acclaimed immersive experiences like “Immersive Van Gogh” and “Immersive Disney Animation.” Ross emphasizes the rarity and significance of this exhibition. “Banksy is one of the most exciting artists of our generation, and many of his most influential pieces are hidden away in private homes, collections, and even warehouses. It’s a rare opportunity to see Banksy’s most iconic images in person, and we’ve seen people around the world coming out in record numbers to this exclusive collection.”

Visitors to The Art of Banksy will also learn about Banksy’s international public art installations, including Dismaland, Walled Off Hotel, and new images addressing the ongoing war in Ukraine. The collection includes rare personal artworks and unique pieces, such as stencils created and used by the artist for friends, associates, and lovers.

For the first time in North America, Banksy’s printer—who co-founded Pictures on Walls with Banksy—will share personal stories and insights into some of the world’s most famous images. This unique perspective reveals how Banksy’s street art stunts were devised and executed, highlighting the artist’s irreverent wit and biting political edge.

Michael Boersma, curator and producer, describes Banksy as “an artist made by the people, for the people, and perhaps one of the most powerful artists of a generation.” He notes that this exhibition is a rare chance to see the best and brightest works of one of the UK’s most beloved artists.

Since the 1990s, Banksy has been a self-styled prankster and anti-establishment figure, creating subversive and satirical street art that explores social and political issues. The Art of Banksy at Lighthouse Artspace Toronto offers an unmissable opportunity to delve into the world of one of today’s most influential artists and understand how his work continues to inspire social change and public engagement.

GTA Today invites readers to experience this extraordinary exhibition and explore the provocative and powerful works of Banksy, an artist who remains an enduring mystery while making an indelible impact on contemporary art and society.

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