Sony Unveils BRAVIA Theater Line-up for Immersive Home Cinema Experience

In a move set to revolutionize home entertainment, Sony Electronics Inc. has announced the launch of its latest line of home audio products under the new BRAVIA Theater brand. Aimed at redefining the home cinema experience, the BRAVIA Theater line-up includes soundbars, a home theater system, and a neckband speaker, all designed to seamlessly integrate with Sony’s new BRAVIA TVs.

The BRAVIA Theater line-up promises to deliver exceptional acoustic performance and precise room-filling audio, bringing cinematic sound into the living room. Among the products showcased are the BRAVIA Theater Bar 9 and Bar 8 soundbars, the BRAVIA Theater Quad surround system, and the BRAVIA Theater U neckband speaker.

One of the standout features of the BRAVIA Theater line-up is Sony’s proprietary 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology, which generates multiple phantom speakers for a wide sound field that envelops listeners. This technology, combined with compatibility with industry-standard audio formats such as Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X®, ensures an immersive cinematic experience.

Commenting on the launch, Yoshihiro Ono, Head of Home Entertainment Business Unit at Sony Corporation, expressed excitement about bringing the expertise of the film industry into consumers’ homes. He emphasized Sony’s commitment to delivering the ultimate cinematic experience by integrating its knowledge of film creation, production equipment, and distribution into the BRAVIA Theater products.

In addition to offering cutting-edge audio technology, Sony has prioritized environmental sustainability and accessibility in the design of the BRAVIA Theater line-up. The use of recycled plastics and environmentally conscious materials reflects Sony’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. Furthermore, features such as tactile indicators for visually impaired users demonstrate Sony’s dedication to making its products accessible to all consumers.

The BRAVIA Theater line-up is expected to be available for presale in Spring 2024 at various retailers, including Amazon. With its promise of immersive sound and seamless integration with BRAVIA TVs, Sony’s latest home audio products are set to elevate the home entertainment experience to new heights.


Sony’s BRAVIA Theater line-up represents a significant leap forward in home entertainment technology. With features like 360 Spatial Sound Mapping and compatibility with industry-standard audio formats, these products promise to deliver a truly immersive cinematic experience. Moreover, Sony’s commitment to environmental sustainability and accessibility demonstrates the company’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of consumers. As home entertainment continues to evolve, innovations like the BRAVIA Theater line-up are sure to shape the future of how we experience movies and TV shows in the comfort of our own homes.

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