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Smirnoff ICE Unveils Summer Surpr-ICE Campaign with Trevor Noah and Spike Lee

In an electrifying announcement, Smirnoff ICE has revealed its plans for a summer filled with surprises, partnering with renowned comedian Trevor Noah and acclaimed director Spike Lee for an unforgettable campaign.

As temperatures rise and summer approaches, Smirnoff ICE is gearing up to delight fans with its Surpr-ICE campaign, promising unexpected moments and icy delights at festivals and events across the nation.

The campaign kicks off with a bang as Smirnoff ICE “ices out” iconic landmarks like Venice Beach Skate Park and Chicago’s Riverwalk, signaling the arrival of SMIRNOFF ICE SZN and the start of a season full of cool surprises.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Smirnoff ICE is taking the Surpr-ICE experience to the next level with a pop-up event at one of the most anticipated music festivals of the year in Palm Springs. Festival-goers will have the chance to experience Smirnoff ICE Surpr-ICEs firsthand, from blinged-out ice to chances to win exclusive collectibles by designer Sue Tsai.

For those unable to make it to Palm Springs, fear not! Smirnoff ICE promises plenty of opportunities for Surpr-ICEs throughout the summer, with giveaways and surprises planned at festivals and amphitheaters nationwide.

Lisa Lee, Smirnoff ICE Brand Director, expressed excitement about bringing back Smirnoff ICE Surpr-ICES in unexpected ways, offering lighthearted fun to fans wherever they may be.

The campaign’s national TV commercials and digital spots, directed by Spike Lee and featuring Trevor Noah alongside actor Travis Bennett, aim to elevate the Surpr-ICE experience to new heights with comedic takes on everyday occasions.

“I’m excited to be partnering with Smirnoff ICE again,” said Trevor Noah. “We had a blast filming these spots, and I’m honored to help introduce the cool, unexpected world of Smirnoff ICE Surpr-ICEs.”

From classic flavors to bold new offerings, Smirnoff ICE invites fans to Just Add Smirnoff ICE and join the Surpr-ICE movement this summer.


Smirnoff ICE’s Surpr-ICE campaign is a refreshing twist on summer marketing, blending humor, celebrity partnerships, and unexpected experiences to engage consumers in a memorable way. By leveraging the star power of Trevor Noah and Spike Lee, along with exciting events like the pop-up at a major music festival, Smirnoff ICE is sure to make a splash this summer. With its emphasis on spontaneity and fun, the campaign captures the essence of summer and invites consumers to savor the unexpected moments that make life enjoyable.

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