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SiriusXM and MusiCounts Join Forces to Boost Music Education Nationwide

TORONTO –  Music education in Canada receives a significant boost as SiriusXM Canada, in partnership with MusiCounts, launches the inaugural SiriusXM Soundwaves: A MusiCounts Community Fund. This groundbreaking initiative aims to enhance accessibility to music education by offering grants of up to $20,000 to community groups and not-for-profit organizations nationwide.

The SiriusXM Soundwaves program is dedicated to providing essential resources, including instruments and equipment, to foster music education initiatives at the grassroots level. Eligible organizations can apply for grants to sustain existing music programs or establish new ones, with applications now open until May 30, 2024.

Rob Keen, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & CCD at SiriusXM Canada, expressed excitement about the initiative, emphasizing the importance of making music education accessible to all. “Through the SiriusXM Soundwaves MusiCounts Community Fund, we are making music a reality for more communities across Canada,” Keen stated, highlighting the program’s role in removing financial barriers and opening doors for young talent to explore, learn, and grow through music.

Kristy Fletcher, President of MusiCounts, echoed Keen’s sentiments, emphasizing the fund’s impact on laying down foundational support for burgeoning music programs and reinforcing the infrastructure of existing ones.

Beyond its commitment to the SiriusXM Soundwaves program, SiriusXM Canada demonstrates its dedication to the Canadian music ecosystem through its Canadian Content Development (CCD) contributions. These contributions promote Canadian talent and musicians on a national scale, furthering the company’s commitment to nurturing homegrown talent.

As applications for the SiriusXM Soundwaves MusiCounts Community Fund remain open, the collaborative effort between SiriusXM Canada and MusiCounts promises to resonate across generations, enriching the music education landscape in Canada.


The launch of the SiriusXM Soundwaves: A MusiCounts Community Fund marks a pivotal moment for music education in Canada, particularly for communities within the Greater Toronto Area. This initiative not only provides financial support but also underscores the importance of music as a universal language that should be accessible to all. By empowering community organizations and not-for-profit groups, SiriusXM Canada and MusiCounts are fostering a more inclusive and vibrant music ecosystem, which will undoubtedly benefit the youth of today and generations to come. As the application window remains open, it’s encouraging to see such collaborative efforts driving positive change in our community.

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