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Significant Surge in Advanced Voting Turnout Ahead of Mississauga’s Municipal Election

Mississauga, Ontario – Mississauga residents are demonstrating their civic engagement in a remarkable way as advanced voting for the upcoming municipal election shows a staggering 42% increase in turnout compared to the previous election cycle.

Over the past weekend, Mississauga City Hall witnessed a steady stream of eager voters, with more than 2,250 individuals exercising their democratic right by casting their ballots early. This surge in participation marks a substantial leap from the numbers recorded during the first three days of advanced polling in the 2022 municipal election.

As the city gears up for further advanced voting opportunities, scheduled for June 1st and 2nd, excitement and enthusiasm continue to build. Twenty-two advance voting locations spread across Mississauga will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., offering convenience and accessibility to residents eager to make their voices heard.

During this round of advanced voting, residents of Ward 5 will have the opportunity to cast their ballots not only for their Ward 5 Councillor but also for the position of Mayor. In contrast, voters in other wards will solely focus on electing Mississauga’s Mayor.

Ahead of heading to the polls, voters are urged to ensure they meet eligibility criteria, verify or update their personal information online, review the candidates for Mayor and Ward 5 Councillor, and acquaint themselves with the locations for advanced voting.

To expedite the voting process, it’s recommended that voters confirm their presence on the voters’ list beforehand or bring along their Voter Notification Card if received via mail, with accurate information.

Remember, a valid piece of identification (ID) is essential when visiting an advance voting location. Acceptable forms of ID include an Ontario driver’s licence, Ontario photo card, or an insurance policy.

For those unable to participate in advanced voting or attend on Election Day itself, the option to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf remains available. However, it’s crucial to complete and certify the Appointment for Voting Proxy Form before 5 p.m. on Election Day, June 10.

For further details and inquiries regarding the by-election for Mayor and Ward 5 Councillor, residents are encouraged to visit or reach out via phone at 905-615-VOTE (8683).

With such a remarkable surge in advanced voting turnout, Mississauga is poised for a pivotal moment in its democratic journey. Let’s continue to embrace this momentum and ensure a robust and representative election process.

Stay tuned to GTA Today for comprehensive coverage of Mississauga’s municipal election as the city prepares to make its voice heard on June 10.


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