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Scouts Canada Calls for Volunteers in Toronto: Helping Youth Reach New Heights

TORONTO, ON – Scouts Canada, the nation’s foremost co-ed youth organization, is making an urgent appeal to Toronto residents and businesses to volunteer and support its mission. The organization aims to support 50,000 young people by 2025 with unparalleled opportunities for personal development and adventure.

Critical Need for Volunteers in Toronto

Toronto is one of several key cities where Scouts Canada faces a significant shortage of volunteers. This gap has created a situation where the number of youth interested in joining far exceeds the capacity to accommodate them. With more volunteers, Scouts Canada could welcome more young people into their ranks and significantly reduce the existing waitlists.

“This is an exciting time to get involved in Scouting,” said Stephen Loney, volunteer National Commissioner for Scouts Canada. “We have a revitalized team, an audacious mandate, and thousands of youths in Canada waiting to start their Scouting adventures. Our recent survey has shown that people in Canada are feeling overwhelmed and looking for tangible ways to give back to their communities and get involved in positive programs like Scouts to make a difference. Scouts does all of that while allowing volunteers to make a real and positive impact in the lives of young people from coast to coast.”

How You Can Make a Difference

Scouts Canada offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that allow individuals to inspire and support youth through creative, team-building, and empowering activities. Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, and every individual has unique skills that can benefit the youth. Here are some groups that are especially encouraged to volunteer:

  • Active Seniors: Seniors bring invaluable life experience and diverse skills, serving as positive role models for youth.
  • New Canadians: Individuals with fresh perspectives on the Canadian experience, cultural diversity, and resilience can provide unique insights to the Scouting community.
  • Parents: Parents are excellent volunteers due to their vested interest in their children’s growth and familiarity with Scout activities.
  • Students: Students bring youthful energy, a fresh perspective, and a natural ability to connect with fellow youth.

Benefits of Volunteering with Scouts Canada

Volunteering with Scouts Canada is more than just a commitment; it offers numerous personal and communal rewards. Benefits include finding a supportive community, building confidence, contributing to the development of resilient young Canadians, gaining practical experience, inspiring future generations, and most importantly, having fun.

“Volunteering is more than just a commitment; it’s a collection of impactful moments that resonate with purpose and create lasting change, personal growth, community connection, positive influence on youth and society, career advancement, and more,” added Loney.

Opportunities for Local Businesses

Scouts Canada also calls on local businesses to support their programs by providing meeting spaces or sponsoring local Scout groups. This support can help launch or sustain exciting, educational, and skill-building programs for eager young participants. Owners of halls, restaurants, recreational spaces, and buildings can play a critical role in ensuring the success of these programs.

The Impact of Scouting on Communities

Empowered youth can make significant contributions to their communities. Scouting programs foster personal growth and leadership, encouraging youth to lead positive change through environmental conservation projects, social advocacy, and humanitarian efforts. When Scouting thrives, so do local communities, creating a ripple effect of positive impact.

Join the Adventure

Scouts Canada invites you to discover new skills, join a friendly community of volunteers, and start your adventure in making a difference. To learn more about volunteering opportunities and how you can get involved, visit Scouts.ca/Volunteer.

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