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RONA Shares Top Tips for Building a Backyard Deck

With the warmer months approaching, many homeowners are turning their attention to outdoor projects, and one of the most popular endeavors is building a backyard deck. To assist both seasoned DIY enthusiasts and those looking to hire professionals, leading home improvement retailer RONA has shared valuable insights and tips to ensure a successful deck-building venture.

According to Amir Mohammad Salimi, Category Manager of Deck & Fence at RONA, meticulous planning is the cornerstone of a well-executed deck project. “The first step is to determine the dimensions and location you’d like for your deck, as well as how it will be configured,” Salimi advises. “You can then plan accordingly.”

One crucial aspect highlighted by Salimi is the selection of building materials. While pressure-treated wood remains a top choice among Canadians due to its affordability and versatility, Salimi notes that misconceptions abound. For instance, he debunks the myth that pressure-treated wood must be left untreated for an extended period before staining, clarifying that staining can commence as early as 60 days post-installation.

Salimi emphasizes the importance of understanding the materials used, citing the misconception that the stain in pressure-treated wood is highly toxic, when in fact, it is entirely safe. Additionally, he points out that when pressure-treated wood begins to gray, it indicates dirt accumulation rather than decay, underscoring the need for proper care and maintenance.

Contrary to another widespread belief, Salimi dispels the notion that building a deck necessitates a hefty budget. “There are numerous ways to save money while creating a high-quality, beautiful deck,” he asserts. “It simply requires research and planning.”

To aid homeowners in their deck-building endeavors, RONA recommends several star items that offer both ease of installation and economical benefits. From pressure-treated wood deck boards to composite alternatives made from recycled materials, RONA provides a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets.

Furthermore, RONA offers a variety of railings, post kits, gate frames, and sealants to complement deck construction and enhance its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Commenting on the comprehensive guide provided by RONA, GTA Today’s home improvement expert, Corrado Padova, commends the retailer for empowering homeowners with valuable information. “Building a deck is a significant investment, both in terms of time and money,” says Padova. “With RONA’s expert advice and quality products, homeowners can embark on their deck-building journey with confidence, knowing they have the support and resources necessary for success.”

As the demand for outdoor living spaces continues to grow, RONA’s commitment to providing innovative solutions and expert guidance ensures that homeowners can enjoy their backyard decks for years to come.

For more information on RONA’s deck-building products and tips, visit their website or contact your nearest RONA store.


The comprehensive guide provided by RONA empowers homeowners with valuable information, ensuring they can embark on building a backyard deck with confidence. With RONA’s expert advice and quality products, homeowners can create outdoor living spaces that enhance their lifestyle and add value to their homes.

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