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RE/MAX 2024 Liveability Report: Canadians Embrace Their Neighborhoods, Highlight Affordability and Safety

Toronto – Canadians are expressing high levels of satisfaction with their neighborhoods, as revealed by the RE/MAX 2024 Liveability Report. An impressive 86% of Canadians enjoy the quality of life their communities offer, with half of those surveyed indicating they like it a lot. Leading the way are cities in the Prairie provinces, notably Alberta and Manitoba, which boast some of the most liveable neighborhoods in the country.

The RE/MAX report, supported by a Leger survey, emphasizes the significance of affordability and accessibility to amenities such as green spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, health services, and cultural and art spaces in determining liveability. Notably, the affordability of these regions significantly boosts their liveability rankings.

Future Liveability Outlook

The survey indicates that in the next three to five years, 24% of respondents believe their neighborhood’s liveability will improve, while 55% expect it to remain steady, and 15% foresee a decline.

Key Liveability Factors

The Liveability Report highlights the factors that Canadians consider most important in their neighborhoods. These include affordability, proximity to work, walkability, access to green spaces, medical services, and a low-density environment. These criteria were used to rank neighborhoods across Canada’s largest and growing real estate markets.

Evolving Preferences

Compared to the 2020 Liveability Report, there have been notable changes in what Canadians prioritize. Affordability remains paramount (44%), but neighborhood safety has surged in importance, now at 10%. Walkability and the age of homes are also significant, reflecting changes since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top Liveable Neighborhoods

According to the report, some of the most liveable neighborhoods in Canada include:

  • Calgary: Downtown West End
  • Winnipeg: Daniel McIntyre
  • Edmonton: Oliver/Wîhkwêntôwin
  • Regina: Heritage
  • Ottawa: Sandy Hill
  • Halifax: Quinpool Areas
  • Saskatoon: Westmount
  • Montreal: Le Sud-Ouest
  • Toronto: Old Town
  • Hamilton: Corktown

Ontario’s Liveable and Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods

In Ontario, top neighborhoods identified for their liveability are Old Town in Toronto, Corktown in Hamilton, and Sandy Hill in Ottawa. Emerging neighborhoods in Toronto include Leaside, East York, and The Beaches-Leslieville, while Mississauga City Centre and Northwest Brampton are recognized for their blend of urban conveniences and suburban tranquility.

Broker Insights and Lifestyle Preferences

RE/MAX brokers emphasize that affordability, green space, and diversity are top priorities for Ontario residents. However, ongoing high interest rates and inventory shortages pose challenges to affordability.

The report also highlights neighborhoods suited to specific lifestyles, from city dwellers with children to luxury seekers. Winnipeg and Edmonton are favored for first-time homebuyers, while Montreal ranks high for arts and culture enthusiasts.


The RE/MAX 2024 Liveability Report underscores the strong appreciation Canadians have for their neighborhoods, driven by affordability and access to essential amenities. As liveability preferences evolve, collaboration between government policies and real estate strategies will be crucial to addressing affordability issues and enhancing long-term liveability across Canada.

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