Raymond Cho

Minister of Seniors and Accessibility

Raymond Cho is a distinguished Canadian politician and community leader, renowned for his unwavering commitment to public service and advocacy for diverse communities. Born on November 18, 1936, in South Korea, Cho immigrated to Canada in 1967, where he embarked on a remarkable journey of personal and professional achievements.

With a background that spans from janitorial work to academia, Cho’s dedication to education and community welfare has been evident throughout his life. He pursued higher education at the University of Toronto, earning a Master of Social Work, a Master of Education, and ultimately, a Doctorate of Counseling Psychology. Before entering politics, Cho made significant contributions as a social worker for esteemed institutions such as the Catholic Children’s Aid Society and the Toronto Board of Education.

Cho’s illustrious political career commenced in 1991 when he was elected to the Metro Toronto Council, marking the beginning of over three decades of dedicated service to the public. Over the years, he has held various roles, including Chairman of the Toronto Zoo, demonstrating his commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement.

In 2016, Raymond Cho made history by becoming the first Korean-Canadian elected to the Ontario Legislature, representing Scarborough—Rouge River as a member of the Progressive Conservative Party. His victory not only symbolized inclusivity but also highlighted the growing diversity within Canadian politics.

Despite facing health challenges, including a stroke during his 2018 campaign, Cho’s resilience and determination have remained unyielding. He continues to serve with distinction as Ontario’s Minister of Seniors and Accessibility, advocating for the rights and well-being of seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Raymond Cho’s legacy extends beyond political achievements; it encompasses a lifelong dedication to bridging communities, fostering inclusivity, and building a brighter future for all. As a respected leader and advocate, he inspires countless individuals to embrace diversity, strive for excellence, and contribute positively to society.