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PWHL Announces Bauer Hockey as First Official Jersey Partner

Toronto – In a groundbreaking move for women’s hockey, the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) has forged a pioneering partnership with Bauer Hockey, marking a significant step forward for the sport. Bauer Hockey, renowned for its iconic hockey equipment and apparel, will serve as the PWHL’s inaugural Official Jersey Partner beginning with the upcoming 2024-25 season.

The announcement, made on May 9, 2024, underscores Bauer’s unwavering commitment to supporting women’s hockey at all levels. Mary-Kay Messier, Vice President of Global Marketing at Bauer Hockey, expressed pride in the continued support of the PWHL’s growth initiatives. “Bauer is a leader in supporting the performance needs of the league and many of the world’s best hockey players,” Messier remarked, highlighting the brand’s dedication to enhancing the game’s accessibility and promoting inclusivity.

Jayna Hefford, PWHL Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations, lauded the expanded partnership with Bauer, emphasizing the brand’s role in advancing women’s hockey. “This expanded partnership underscores Bauer’s longstanding support of women’s hockey and growing and promoting the game at all levels,” Hefford stated, highlighting Bauer’s pivotal contribution to fostering the sport’s development.

As part of the collaboration, Bauer will exclusively provide official game and replica jerseys for the PWHL and its teams, with the unveiling of newly designed jerseys slated for the upcoming season. Notably, a portion of replica jersey sales will contribute to initiatives aimed at introducing more girls to hockey and expanding the PWHL’s fan base. Bauer’s ‘Grow the Game’ initiative, renowned for its efforts in breaking down barriers to the sport, will play a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of female hockey players.

Mary-Kay Messier reiterated Bauer’s commitment to leveraging its platform to amplify the PWHL’s impact, noting the significance of the partnership in fostering long-term positive effects for girls and women in hockey. “We’re proud to expand our partnership by leveraging our passionate hockey audience and expertise to further elevate the fan experience,” Messier affirmed.

Furthermore, Bauer will continue collaborating with PWHL players to enhance the design of women’s hockey gear, reflecting its dedication to innovation and performance. With an illustrious roster of athletes spanning PWHL teams, Bauer remains at the forefront of empowering female athletes to achieve their peak performance on the ice.

The partnership with Bauer Hockey signifies a monumental milestone for the PWHL, reaffirming its commitment to advancing women’s hockey and fostering a culture of inclusivity within the sport.


The partnership between the PWHL and Bauer Hockey marks a significant stride forward for women’s hockey, underscoring the increasing momentum and recognition of female athletes within the sport. Bauer’s commitment to supporting the PWHL’s growth initiatives and fostering inclusivity aligns with broader efforts to elevate women’s hockey onto a global stage. As the sport continues to gain traction and visibility, partnerships like these play a crucial role in expanding opportunities for female athletes and inspiring future generations of hockey players.

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