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Prime Minister Trudeau to Attend G7 and Ukraine Peace Summit in Europe

Ottawa, Ontario – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to embark on a crucial European trip in mid-June to participate in two significant international summits: the G7 Summit in Apulia, Italy, and the Summit on Peace in Ukraine in Lucerne, Switzerland. This announcement highlights Canada’s ongoing commitment to global cooperation and peace.

Strengthening Global Partnerships at the G7 Summit

From June 13 to 15, Prime Minister Trudeau will join world leaders in Apulia for the G7 Summit. The agenda includes pivotal discussions on defending democratic values, fostering inclusive economic growth, and navigating the global energy transition.

Key focal points include:

  • Democracy and Disinformation: Addressing foreign interference and the spread of misinformation to protect democratic processes.
  • Economic Growth and Clean Energy: Advocating for fair, inclusive growth driven by clean energy initiatives, job creation, and respect for Indigenous rights.
  • Responsible AI Development: Promoting ethical and responsible development of artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Geopolitical Challenges: Discussing the ongoing crises in the Middle East and reinforcing support for Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia.

Trudeau will also engage in bilateral meetings with other leaders to strengthen international partnerships and share Canada’s vision for economic growth and job creation. This summit is a precursor to Canada hosting the G7 in 2025, where further collaboration on these issues will continue.

Pursuing Peace in Ukraine

Immediately following the G7, Trudeau will attend the Summit on Peace in Ukraine in Lucerne from June 15 to 16. At this summit, Trudeau will reaffirm Canada’s unwavering support for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s efforts towards achieving a just and sustainable peace.

Canada’s role includes:

  • International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children: Co-leading initiatives to return children displaced by the conflict.
  • Peace Formula Working Group Four: Co-chairing efforts focused on the return of prisoners of war, unlawfully detained civilians, and deported children.

This summit will provide a platform for global dialogue on achieving a comprehensive and lasting peace in Ukraine, with nations from various regions contributing to the discussions.

Prime Minister’s Commitment

In a statement, Prime Minister Trudeau underscored the importance of global cooperation in addressing shared challenges:

“The world is facing major challenges, but together, we can tackle them and make it better, fairer, and more inclusive for everyone. I look forward to meeting with world leaders at the G7 and at the Summit on Peace in Ukraine to defend democracy, deepen international partnerships, and put Canadians at the forefront of opportunity.”

As Prime Minister Trudeau prepares for these critical summits, Canada continues to play a key role on the global stage, advocating for democracy, sustainable development, and international peace.

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