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Prime Minister Trudeau Meets with NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. – In a significant meeting today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaged with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly delegation during the NATO Summit in Washington, D.C. The delegation, led by Assembly President Gerald Connolly, included Members of Canada’s Parliament.

The assembly strongly condemned Russia’s intensified attacks on civilian populations and infrastructure in Ukraine, reaffirming their unwavering support for Ukraine. The discussion also covered critical priorities for this year’s NATO Summit, such as bolstering defence and deterrence, enhancing industrial defence capacity and cooperation, and addressing emerging security threats.

Prime Minister Trudeau, along with Members of Parliament, highlighted Canada’s significant contributions to NATO. This includes Canada’s leadership as the Framework Nation for NATO’s multinational enhanced Forward Presence in Latvia. Trudeau reaffirmed Canada’s dedication to strengthening shared security priorities and increasing defence spending, as outlined in Canada’s updated defence policy, “Our North, Strong and Free: A Renewed Vision for Canada’s Defence,” released in April.

Trudeau and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly stressed the importance of ongoing collaboration on key security issues related to the Alliance, reinforcing the commitment to collective defence and security in the face of current global challenges.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

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