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Prime Minister Trudeau Highlights Commitment to Accessibility During National AccessAbility Week

Ottawa, Ontario – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marked the beginning of National AccessAbility Week with a statement celebrating the contributions of persons with disabilities and reaffirming the government’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and accessible Canada.

“Today, as we mark the beginning of National AccessAbility Week, we celebrate the many contributions of persons with disabilities to our country, and renew our commitment to building a fair, inclusive, and accessible Canada for everyone,” Trudeau stated.

He highlighted that eight million Canadians live with disabilities that affect their daily lives. Many of these individuals face significant barriers in education, career growth, and accessing opportunities. To address these challenges, the federal government passed the Accessible Canada Act nearly five years ago, setting a goal to create a barrier-free Canada by 2040.

Trudeau emphasized the government’s ongoing efforts through the Disability Inclusion Action Plan, which has made strides in increasing job opportunities and reducing financial barriers for persons with disabilities. He underscored the principle of “Nothing Without Us,” which involves working in partnership with the disability community to shape and implement their priorities.

A major highlight of these efforts is the launch of the Canada Disability Benefit, aimed at providing direct financial support to over 600,000 low-income persons with disabilities. Trudeau described the benefit as a crucial step toward improving financial security for these individuals and acknowledged that further action is necessary to remove barriers.

The Prime Minister also outlined significant investments from Budget 2024 to support persons with disabilities. These include covering the costs of medical forms required for the Disability Tax Credit, enabling more people to access the Canada Disability Benefit and other essential programs such as the Canadian Dental Care Plan. Legislative changes are also being made to broaden the scope of expenses eligible for the Disability Supports Deduction, covering items such as service animals and alternative computer input devices.

Trudeau highlighted the recent National Air Accessibility Summit, the first of its kind, which convened partners from the disability community and the air travel sector to find solutions for making air travel more accessible. The industry agreed to adopt a common intake form for passengers with disabilities to streamline travel preparation and improve data collection and sharing. Canada will also collaborate with international partners to ensure accessible transportation standards globally.

“Canada wins when we are all included,” Trudeau said, urging Canadians to reflect on how they can collectively work to remove barriers, promote accessibility, and ensure fairness for all.

As National AccessAbility Week continues, the Prime Minister’s message serves as a reminder of the importance of inclusivity and the ongoing efforts to make Canada a more accessible place for everyone.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

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