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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Meets with Pope Francis in Italy to Discuss Indigenous Reconciliation

Apulia, Italy — Friday, on the margins of the G7 Summit in Apulia, Italy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a significant meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis. The discussion focused on advancing Indigenous reconciliation efforts and addressing the painful legacy of the residential school system in Canada.

Prime Minister Trudeau began by expressing his gratitude to Pope Francis for his visit to Canada in July 2022. During this historic visit, the Pope engaged directly with Indigenous Peoples on their ancestral lands. His visit was a momentous occasion aimed at acknowledging the truths of the residential school system and recognizing its enduring impact on First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the Pope’s visit in fostering dialogue and understanding. He noted that the Pope’s acknowledgment and apology were crucial steps towards healing and reconciliation. However, both leaders agreed that more concrete actions are necessary to continue this vital work.

Central to their discussion was the need for the Catholic Church to take tangible steps in repatriating Indigenous cultural artifacts. These artifacts, which hold significant cultural, spiritual, and historical value, are seen as essential to the process of reconciliation and healing for Indigenous communities. Prime Minister Trudeau emphasized that returning these artifacts would be a powerful gesture of goodwill and respect towards Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

The meeting between Prime Minister Trudeau and Pope Francis reflects a shared commitment to addressing historical injustices and building a future based on mutual respect and understanding. As Canada continues its journey towards reconciliation, the collaboration and support of global leaders, including Pope Francis, remain pivotal.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s engagement at the G7 Summit and his meeting with the Pope underscore Canada’s dedication to not only addressing domestic issues but also fostering international partnerships to support Indigenous rights and reconciliation.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

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