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Premier Ford Extends Easter Greetings to Orthodox Christian Community

Toronto – Premier Doug Ford of Ontario has extended heartfelt Easter greetings to the Orthodox Christian community as they celebrate Orthodox Easter today. In a statement released by the Premier’s Office, Ford emphasized the significance of this sacred occasion, marking it as a time to rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the triumph of good over evil.

Orthodox Easter, the holiest day in the Orthodox Christian faith, holds profound importance for millions of adherents in Ontario and across the world. Premier Ford recognized the rich cultural traditions associated with the day, including attending Divine Liturgy, decorating eggs, and sharing festive meals with families and communities.

“On behalf of my family and our government, I wish everyone in the Orthodox Christian community a joyous and blessed Easter,” expressed Premier Ford in his statement.

The Premier’s message reflects a spirit of inclusivity and respect for religious diversity within Ontario. By acknowledging and extending well wishes to the Orthodox Christian community, Ford emphasizes the importance of unity and solidarity among all religious groups in the province.


Premier Ford’s outreach to the Orthodox Christian community on the occasion of Orthodox Easter highlights the government’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating the religious diversity present within Ontario. Such gestures of goodwill contribute to fostering a sense of belonging and cohesion among different religious communities, promoting harmony and understanding across the province.

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