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Pizza Nova Donates Nearly $29,000 to Support Ontario Student Breakfast Programs

In a heartwarming display of community support, Pizza Nova has once again demonstrated its commitment to Ontario students’ well-being by donating $28,767 to support breakfast programs across the province. The donation, presented by Domenic Primucci, President of Pizza Nova, to Student Nutrition Ontario, marks another milestone in the company’s nine-year partnership with the organization.

The contribution was made public during a breakfast event held at Balmoral Drive Senior Public School in Brampton, Ontario, on April 12, 2024. The event not only celebrated Pizza Nova’s generosity but also showcased the direct impact of their contributions on students’ lives. With nutritious breakfasts provided, students were able to kickstart their day with energy and focus, setting the stage for a successful day of learning.

Domenic Primucci expressed Pizza Nova’s dedication to supporting students’ educational journeys, emphasizing the importance of starting the day with a well-nourished mind. “Our commitment to a quality menu and authentic Italian recipes aligns perfectly with our goal to help students start their day right,” said Primucci. He extended gratitude to Pizza Nova’s loyal customers for their unwavering support in the campaign.

Pizza Nova’s collaboration with Student Nutrition Ontario began in 2015 with the ‘Coins for Breakfast’ initiative, which involved donation boxes at Pizza Nova locations. Over the years, this partnership has flourished, with Pizza Nova’s contributions totaling an impressive $293,509 since its inception.

Alexandra Pasiak, Co-Chair of Student Nutrition Ontario, highlighted the tangible benefits of the program, noting improvements in concentration and academic performance among participants. Kevin Sebastian, Principal at Balmoral Drive Senior Public School, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the positive atmosphere and improved focus in the classroom on days when students had a hearty breakfast.

This donation underscores Pizza Nova’s ongoing commitment to supporting education and community welfare. Through initiatives like ‘Coins for Breakfast,’ Pizza Nova continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Ontario students, ensuring they have the nourishment they need to thrive academically and beyond.


Pizza Nova’s continued support for Ontario student breakfast programs is truly inspiring. By prioritizing community welfare and education, Pizza Nova sets an example for other businesses to follow. Initiatives like ‘Coins for Breakfast’ not only provide tangible support to students in need but also foster a sense of belonging and support within the community. As we celebrate Pizza Nova’s generosity, let us also recognize the importance of collective efforts in building a brighter future for our youth.

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