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Ontario Launches Sexual Assault Prevention Month with Commitment to Support Survivors

Toronto – In a move to raise awareness and support survivors of sexual assault and gender-based violence, the Ontario government has officially marked May as Sexual Assault Prevention Month. Michael Parsa, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, alongside Charmaine Williams, Associate Minister of Women’s Social and Economic Opportunity, released a joint statement emphasizing the importance of addressing these heinous crimes and providing necessary resources for those affected.

According to statistics shared by the ministers, one in three women and one in eight men in Canada will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. Distressingly, the rates of violence against Indigenous women are even higher. This underscores the urgent need for action to prevent such incidents and to provide comprehensive support for survivors.

The government has pledged a substantial investment of $1.4 billion over four years towards various support initiatives. These include funding for emergency shelters, counseling services, 24-hour crisis lines, safety planning, and transitional housing supports. Furthermore, efforts will be made to assist women in gaining skills and employment opportunities to achieve financial security and independence.

In addition to financial commitments, the government aims to foster collaboration among various stakeholders such as child protection workers, law enforcement, judicial authorities, social workers, educators, and healthcare professionals. This collaborative approach seeks to enhance support systems and ensure a more coordinated response to incidents of sexual violence.

Community partners have been acknowledged for their tireless efforts in assisting victims and survivors. Their dedication and collaboration are seen as vital components in the collective effort to create a safer and more supportive environment for all individuals.

As Sexual Assault Prevention Month begins, Ontario residents are encouraged to utilize the resources and support services available through This online platform serves as a centralized hub for accessing information and assistance for those affected by gender-based violence.


The commitment shown by the Ontario government in addressing sexual assault and gender-based violence is commendable. By allocating significant resources and emphasizing collaboration among different sectors, they are taking a holistic approach to tackling these pervasive issues. However, sustained efforts and continued vigilance are necessary to create lasting change and ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals in the province. As members of the community, it’s crucial for us to support survivors, raise awareness, and hold perpetrators accountable. Together, we can work towards building a society free from violence and full of opportunities for all.

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