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Ontario Launches Online Booking System for Driver’s Licence Exchanges

Toronto — The Ontario government has introduced a new online booking system to streamline the process for newcomers to exchange their out-of-province and international driver’s licences. This service is now available at 15 DriveTest locations across the province, making it more convenient for the over 200,000 new residents who move to Ontario each year.

Prabmeet Sarkaria, Minister of Transportation, announced the initiative, emphasizing the government’s commitment to facilitating a smooth transition for newcomers. “Ontario is proud to welcome more than 200,000 new residents each year, coming from near and far,” said Sarkaria. “That is why our government is working to make their transition as seamless as possible by making it easier than ever to exchange a driver’s licence, while also reducing wait times and line-ups at DriveTest locations.”

New residents have a 60-day window to exchange their out-of-province or international driver’s licence for an Ontario licence. Those holding valid licences from countries with reciprocal agreements—such as the United States, Great Britain, and Japan—can swap their licences without undergoing additional testing.

Appointments can be scheduled online for the following locations:

– Brampton
– Downsview
– Etobicoke
– Hamilton
– Kitchener
– London
– Mississauga
– Metro East
– Newmarket
– Oakville
– Orangeville
– Oshawa
– Ottawa Walkley
– Port Union
– Windsor

This new online booking system is part of a broader effort by the Ontario government to improve public services and reduce bureaucracy. By making it easier for new residents to navigate essential processes, Ontario continues to demonstrate its commitment to welcoming and integrating newcomers efficiently and effectively.

For more information on how to exchange an out-of-province driver’s licence, including a list of countries with reciprocal licence agreements, visit the DriveTest Licence Exchange page.

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