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Ontario Launches 2024-25 Inclusive Community Grants Program to Foster Accessibility and Inclusivity

TORONTO – The Ontario government has announced the commencement of the 2024-25 cycle of the Inclusive Community Grants program, with a commitment of $750,000 to enhance accessibility and foster inclusivity across communities in the province.

Under the stewardship of Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility, the Inclusive Community Grants aim to support municipalities, non-profit organizations, and Indigenous communities in their efforts to create age-friendly and accessible environments for individuals of all abilities.

Minister Cho emphasized the significance of inclusive communities, stating, “We know that everyone benefits from inclusive communities that support independent, active living and help reduce social isolation by removing barriers.”

Since its inception in 2020, the program has allocated up to $4.5 million to fund 87 projects throughout Ontario, each designed to address specific accessibility needs within local communities.

Some notable projects funded in the previous cycle include:

  • Haliburton’s Abbey Gardens Community Trust: Establishing an accessible recreational trail system for people of all abilities.
  • City of Kenora: Implementing the third phase of the Norman Park Accessibility project to build a fully accessible park with lake/beach access.
  • Madawaska Valley: Installing wheelchair-friendly picnic tables in municipal parks.
  • Sault Ste. Marie’s Pointe Des Chenes Day Park and Beach: Updating paths, adding Mobi mats for beach access, and enhancing the accessibility of bathroom and change room facilities.
  • Tay Valley Township: Introducing accessible, age-friendly sports and recreation activities for local residents.

This year, the government is prioritizing projects focused on enhancing access to outdoor spaces and promoting accessible housing and transportation. Applications for the grants are now open until May 22, 2024, and eligible organizations can apply through Transfer Payment Ontario.

In commenting on the program’s objectives, Minister Cho underscored the importance of creating environments that promote active living and remove barriers to participation for older adults and individuals with disabilities.


GTA Today commends the Ontario government’s ongoing commitment to fostering inclusivity and accessibility through the Inclusive Community Grants program. By investing in local projects that address the diverse needs of communities across the province, Ontario is taking proactive steps toward building a more equitable and welcoming society for all residents.

The prioritization of outdoor spaces, housing, and transportation reflects an understanding of the fundamental aspects that contribute to an individual’s quality of life. Accessible infrastructure and recreational opportunities not only benefit individuals with disabilities but also enrich the lives of all community members.

As the application process opens for the 2024-25 cycle, we encourage municipalities, non-profit organizations, and Indigenous communities to seize this opportunity to implement innovative solutions that promote inclusivity and remove barriers to participation. Together, we can continue to build a province where everyone can fully engage in community life, regardless of age or ability.

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