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Ontario Invests Over $7 Million in Milton for Skilled Trades Training

Government Initiative Aims to Address Growing Demand for Skilled Workers in the Region

MILTON – The Ontario government has announced a substantial investment of over $7.3 million in Milton to support training programs aimed at meeting the rising demand for skilled workers in the region. This initiative, facilitated through the Skills Development Fund (SDF), is set to benefit more than 700 workers and jobseekers, offering them opportunities to prepare for rewarding careers in various skilled trades.

With Milton’s population growth outpacing the provincial average by fourfold, the government’s investment underscores its commitment to providing accessible pathways to well-paying and in-demand careers. Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development, David Piccini, emphasized the importance of collaboration with industry partners in opening up new training and apprenticeship opportunities for local residents.

Three key training projects will receive funding under this initiative:

  • Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association: A commitment of $4,424,140 will support the GROW & Apprenticeship training program, aimed at attracting and training new and young workers in the landscape and horticultural sector.
  • Ontario Harness Horse Association: An investment of $2,404,000 will facilitate the Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program, offering skills training and paid job placement opportunities in the equine agricultural industry.
  • CWB Group-Industry Services: A funding of $551,000 will be directed towards a welder training program focused on underrepresented groups, including women, youth, newcomers, people with disabilities, and Indigenous peoples.

These initiatives align with the government’s broader Skilled Trades Strategy, which seeks to create training opportunities, connect jobseekers with employers, and address the growing skills gap in Ontario. The announcement comes as part of the government’s commitment to invest more than $1.5 billion in the skilled trades sector, with an additional $100 million allocated through the SDF to further bolster workforce development efforts.

Local leaders and industry representatives have lauded the government’s investment, recognizing its potential to drive economic prosperity and address labor shortages in key sectors. Mayor Gordon Krantz praised the initiative for creating well-paying jobs and supporting Milton’s economic growth, while stakeholders like Joe Salemi from Landscape Ontario emphasized the significance of skilled trades in enhancing community livelihoods.


The Ontario government’s investment in Milton’s skilled trades training programs is a commendable step toward addressing the growing demand for skilled workers in the region. By providing funding for initiatives that target diverse sectors and underrepresented groups, the government is not only fostering economic growth but also promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workforce. These training programs not only offer individuals the opportunity to secure rewarding careers but also contribute to the overall resilience and prosperity of the community. As Milton continues to evolve, investments in skills development will play a vital role in shaping its future success.

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