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Ontario Invests $2.7 Million to Enhance Mental Health Support for Police Officers

MISSISSAUGA — The Ontario government has announced a $2.7 million investment through the Skills Development Fund (SDF) Training Stream to bolster mental health services for police officers. This initiative, led by Get A-Head Inc., aims to train 160 Peer Support Workers in Peel Region and beyond, equipping them with advanced skills to provide tailored mental health care using a new digital platform.

Premier Doug Ford emphasized the importance of supporting police officers who face significant challenges and occupational stress. The investment will introduce cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence, to streamline peer support efforts. This digital platform will enhance the identification of colleagues in distress and automate administrative tasks, allowing peer support workers to focus more on direct care.

Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development David Piccini highlighted the critical role of peer support in addressing mental health challenges among first responders. The project includes standardized skills training to ensure high-quality care delivery, supporting both current and future peer support workers.

The initiative is part of Ontario’s broader commitment to invest nearly $1.1 billion in skills development training through the SDF Training Stream, underscoring the government’s dedication to mental health support for police officers.

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