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Ontario Invests $1.5 Million to Empower Young Entrepreneurs

Whitby ON – In a bid to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth, the Ontario government has announced a significant investment of $1.5 million to enhance its Summer Company program. This boost in funding aims to support an additional 250 young individuals aged between 15 and 29 in launching and expanding their businesses.

The Summer Company program, a cornerstone of Ontario’s entrepreneurship initiatives, equips participants with crucial business training, personalized mentoring, and grants of up to $3,000 to kickstart their ventures. Over the past five years, the program, administered through Small Business Enterprise Centres, has successfully launched over 1,700 businesses across the province.

Associate Minister of Small Business, Nina Tangri, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, highlighting its role in nurturing the next generation of business leaders. “This exciting program expands the pipeline of entrepreneurs by providing more students with the training and supports they need to launch and run their own summer business,” said Tangri. “It’s good for our young people and fantastic for Ontario’s future economy.”

Minister of Finance, Peter Bethlenfalvy, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the vital contribution of small businesses and entrepreneurs to Ontario’s economic landscape. “Small businesses and entrepreneurs, including youth entrepreneurs, are a critical part of Ontario’s plan to grow the economy,” stated Bethlenfalvy. “Our government is proud to support our province’s young people through the Summer Company program as they start and grow their careers.”

The announcement has been met with widespread acclaim, with stakeholders applauding the government’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent. Lorne Coe, Member of Provincial Parliament for Whitby, emphasized the program’s significance in empowering young individuals to pursue their passions as business owners. Similarly, Patrice Barnes, Member of Provincial Parliament for Ajax, reaffirmed the government’s dedication to fueling the aspirations of the next generation of innovators.

Applications for the 2024 Summer Company program are currently being accepted until May 17, 2024, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a valuable opportunity to access training, mentorship, and financial support.


The Ontario government’s decision to inject additional funding into the Summer Company program underscores its recognition of the pivotal role that young entrepreneurs play in driving economic growth and innovation. By equipping aspiring business owners with the resources and support they need to succeed, initiatives like these not only empower individuals but also contribute to the overall prosperity of the province.

As Ontario continues to navigate a rapidly evolving economic landscape, investments in entrepreneurship and innovation serve as catalysts for job creation, industry diversification, and regional development. By nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth, the province lays the foundation for a dynamic and resilient economy that thrives on innovation and creativity.

Moreover, the Summer Company program exemplifies the government’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for entrepreneurship, regardless of age or background. By providing access to training, mentorship, and financial assistance, the program levels the playing field and empowers individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

As the deadline for applications approaches, it is imperative for aspiring entrepreneurs to seize this opportunity and take advantage of the resources available through the Summer Company program. By doing so, they not only embark on a journey of personal and professional growth but also contribute to the vibrancy and dynamism of Ontario’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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