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Ontario Introduces Tough Measures to Combat Auto Theft and Stunt Driving

Toronto – In response to the alarming increase in auto thefts and carjackings across the province, the Ontario government is taking decisive action to crack down on these crimes. Proposed legislation, if passed, will introduce stringent penalties aimed at deterring potential thieves and ensuring the safety of residents on Ontario’s roads.

Under the new measures announced by the Ministry of Transportation, individuals convicted of motor vehicle theft under the Criminal Code will face severe consequences. For a first offense, perpetrators would receive a 10-year license suspension. A second offense would result in a 15-year suspension, while repeat offenders would face a lifetime ban from driving. These penalties would apply to convictions involving aggravating factors such as violence, weapon use, force, threats, or pursuit of financial gain.

In addition to addressing auto theft, the proposed legislation seeks to strengthen penalties for stunt driving. Individuals convicted of this offense would face mandatory license suspensions, with increasing durations for repeat offenses. A first conviction would warrant a one-year suspension, a second conviction three years, and a third conviction would result in a lifetime suspension, reducible to 10 years under certain conditions.

The government’s proactive approach reflects a commitment to public safety and a determination to combat criminal activities that pose a threat to communities. By implementing tough measures and investing in law enforcement, Ontario aims to create a safer environment for all residents.


As highlighted by various stakeholders, including regional chairs, mayors, and industry representatives, the need for decisive action is urgent. The rise in auto thefts not only poses a risk to individuals but also contributes to a sense of insecurity within communities.

While the proposed measures is a start, it’s essential to recognize that combating auto theft requires a multifaceted approach.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a safer environment where residents can feel secure in their homes and on the roads.

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