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Ontario Introduces Automatic Licence Plate Renewals, Saving Time and Money for Drivers

HAMILTON — In a groundbreaking move, the Ontario government will become the first jurisdiction in North America to introduce automatic licence plate renewals, a change that promises to make life more convenient for more than eight million drivers in the province. This new initiative, taking effect on July 1, 2024, will save vehicle owners more than 900,000 hours annually.

“Under the leadership of Premier Ford, our government is making life more affordable and convenient for drivers,” said Prabmeet Sarkaria, Minister of Transportation. “First, we eliminated licence plate sticker fees for passenger vehicles, saving drivers $120 a year for every car they own. Now, we’re saving drivers valuable time and making their lives easier by automatically renewing licence plates.”

The new system will automatically renew licence plates for passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks, motorcycles, and mopeds 90 days before their expiry, provided the vehicle owner has valid insurance and no outstanding fines or tolls. If a licence plate cannot be renewed automatically, the vehicle owner will be notified and required to manually renew online or in person at ServiceOntario.

“The automatic licence plate renewal program stems from our government’s unwavering commitment to deliver modern, seamless, and time-saving services,” said Todd McCarthy, Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery and Procurement. “By utilizing innovative technological solutions to streamline and improve government services, we are saving Ontarians precious time and money.”

Until the automatic licence plate renewals take effect, vehicle owners are required to manually renew their plates at no cost. Ontarians can check their licence plate status at

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