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Ontario Increases Highway Speed Limits to 110 km/h on Select Sections

In a move aimed at enhancing convenience for drivers and aligning with speed limits in other provinces, the Ontario government has announced the permanent increase of highway speed limits to 110 km/h on select sections of provincial highways.

Minister of Transportation, Prabmeet Sarkaria, stated, “Most of Ontario’s highways were originally designed to safely accommodate speed limits of 110 km/h, and the data from our changes in 2022 shows they do just that.”

Starting July 12, 2024, the speed limit will be raised on several sections of highways across northern and southern Ontario, totaling approximately 860 kilometers. This includes stretches of highways such as 401, 403, 416, and others, selected based on their capacity to safely accommodate higher speeds.

The decision follows consultations and a pilot program initiated by the government in 2019 to explore opportunities for safely increasing speed limits on select highways. The successful increase of speed limits on six sections of provincial highways in 2022 served as a precedent for this expansion.

Historically, highways like 400, 401, 417, and the Queen Elizabeth Way boasted speed limits of 70 mph (113 km/h) until 1975 when they were reduced due to the energy crisis. The current decision marks a return to speeds that were once the norm, albeit with modern safety considerations in place.

Despite the increase, stringent penalties for stunt driving will remain in effect. Stunt driving penalties will continue to apply at 150 km/h, or 40 km/h over the posted speed limit on the affected highway sections.


The decision to raise highway speed limits in Ontario has garnered mixed reactions. Proponents argue that it brings Ontario in line with other provinces and reflects the capabilities of modern vehicles and road infrastructure. They contend that it will reduce travel times and improve traffic flow.

However, critics express concerns about safety implications, particularly regarding increased risk of accidents and fatalities. They argue that higher speeds could lead to more severe crashes and make it challenging for law enforcement to enforce speed limits effectively.

Overall, while the increase in speed limits may provide convenience for drivers, it’s essential to prioritize road safety measures and ensure that the decision is implemented responsibly. Vigilant enforcement of speed limits and continued investment in road safety initiatives will be crucial in mitigating any potential risks associated with the higher speeds.

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