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Ontario Honors Grocery Stores for Promoting Local Produce

Toronto — The Government of Ontario has honored 60 grocery stores across the province with the prestigious Foodland Ontario Retailer Awards, recognizing their innovative efforts to promote locally grown fruits and vegetables. The awards ceremony, hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Agribusiness, celebrated the creativity and dedication of these retailers in supporting Ontario’s agricultural sector.

“Congratulations to all the winning stores across Ontario and thank you to everyone who works hard to create great displays promoting Ontario-grown foods,” said Rob Flack, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Agribusiness. “Your commitment to promoting fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables deserves recognition, as it helps to support everyone across the food supply chain and grow the provincial economy.”

Among the honorees, three stores received the prestigious Awards of Excellence for their outstanding and consistent promotional efforts. Foodland #3249 in Markdale, Longo’s #34 in Stouffville, and Starsky Fine Foods in Hamilton were recognized for achieving Platinum awards in two consecutive years for their eye-catching displays of Ontario produce throughout the seasons.

“Our team at Foodland Markdale strives to provide customers with the best quality produce, and that usually means Ontario’s very own local food,” said Tawnya Tersigni, Manager of the Foodland store in Markdale. “You could say that local food is the bread and butter of our business, and that is why we are proud to work with Foodland Ontario and the provincial government to promote it.”

For over 35 years, the Foodland Ontario Retailer Awards have highlighted the efforts of grocery stores to promote local agriculture. Retailers participate by submitting photos of their in-store displays featuring locally grown and in-season fruits and vegetables. These displays are judged on their creativity, visual appeal, and effectiveness in encouraging consumers to choose local produce.

The annual awards are regarded as the produce industry’s foremost competition for excellence in retail display and promotion. By celebrating these achievements, the Foodland Ontario Retailer Awards program plays a crucial role in raising awareness about the importance of supporting local farmers and the benefits of consuming locally grown food.

The government’s continued support for initiatives like the Foodland Ontario Retailer Awards underscores its commitment to fostering a robust local food system. As more consumers recognize the value of buying local, these efforts help to strengthen the connection between Ontario’s farmers and the communities they serve, contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of the provincial economy.

For more information about the Foodland Ontario Retailer Awards and a complete list of winners, visit the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Agribusiness website.

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