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Ontario Government to Accelerate Hazel McCallion Line Extension under Building Transit Faster Act

Mississauga Loop and Downtown Brampton Connection to be Expedited as Priority Transit Project

Toronto – The Ontario government has announced plans to accelerate the extension of the Hazel McCallion Line, a crucial development aimed at enhancing transit connectivity in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Under the Building Transit Faster Act, the project will be designated as a Priority Transit Project, streamlining processes and expediting implementation.

The extension project entails the construction of the Mississauga loop and the extension of the line into downtown Brampton. This strategic move seeks to address growing commuter needs and improve accessibility for residents in both cities. By connecting key destinations and communities, the initiative aims to reduce congestion, shorten commute times, and promote sustainable urban development.

The Building Transit Faster Act provides the framework for enhanced coordination of utility relocations, streamlined land assembly processes, and simplified municipal permit procedures. These measures enable Metrolinx, the provincial transit agency, to expedite the delivery of transit projects while ensuring efficient use of resources.

Commenting on the announcement, Transportation Minister tweeted, “Our government is extending the Hazel McCallion Line by building the Mississauga loop and bringing the train into downtown Brampton, and getting it done faster by declaring it a Priority Transit Project under the Building Transit Faster Act.”

The government’s proactive approach aligns with its broader strategy to invest in critical infrastructure projects that support economic growth and enhance the livability of communities across Ontario.


The Ontario government’s decision to fast-track the Hazel McCallion Line extension is a significant step toward addressing transit challenges in the GTA. By leveraging the measures provided by the Building Transit Faster Act, the government aims to expedite the delivery of essential transit infrastructure while ensuring responsible use of public resources. This initiative underscores the importance of strategic governance and proactive investment in transportation projects that benefit residents and support sustainable urban development. As the region continues to grow, initiatives like these are essential for building a resilient and efficient transit network that meets the needs of both current and future generations.

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