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Ontario Government Proposes Discount Electricity Rate for Public EV Chargers

Toronto, Ontario – In a move aimed at bolstering the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) across Ontario, the provincial government has proposed a new Electricity Rate Discount specifically tailored for public EV charging stations. The initiative, spearheaded by Ontario’s Minister of Energy, Todd Smith, seeks to address the economic challenges faced by charging infrastructure in communities with low EV adoption rates.

Under the current system, public EV charging stations in areas with minimal EV usage often struggle to cover their operating costs. Despite low demand, these stations still incur expenses, leading to concerns about charging accessibility and sustainability. However, with the proposed Electricity Rate Discount, the government aims to alleviate these financial burdens, making it more viable for charging infrastructure to be established and maintained in communities where EV demand is nascent.

Minister Smith emphasized the importance of supporting EV adoption across the province, stating, “We’re continuing to look at new ways to increase the number of public chargers, including reducing electricity rates in areas where electric vehicle usage is just beginning to emerge.” The proposed discount rate, if approved by the Ontario Energy Board, would provide relief to public EV charging providers, making charging infrastructure more economically feasible.

This initiative aligns with the government’s broader strategy to promote sustainability in transportation and position Ontario as a leader in the EV market. With over 150,000 EVs already on Ontario roads and projections indicating over one million by 2030, investing in charging infrastructure is essential for facilitating the transition to cleaner transportation options.

In addition to the proposed Electricity Rate Discount, the government has implemented various other measures to support EV adoption, including the EV ChargeON program, the Ultra-Low Overnight price plan, and the installation of EV fast chargers at key locations throughout the province.


The proposal for a discounted electricity rate for public EV chargers represents a significant step forward in Ontario’s efforts to build a sustainable transportation infrastructure. By addressing the financial barriers faced by charging stations in communities with low EV adoption rates, the government is fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment for electric vehicle owners.

Not only does this initiative encourage the expansion of charging infrastructure, but it also sends a clear signal that Ontario is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting clean energy solutions. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, ensuring adequate charging infrastructure is essential for meeting the needs of drivers and supporting the transition to a greener future.

However, it’s crucial that this proposed discount rate is implemented effectively and efficiently. Public consultation and stakeholder engagement will be key to refining the details of the rate and ensuring that it achieves its intended goals. With careful planning and execution, Ontario can further solidify its position as a leader in sustainable transportation and pave the way for a cleaner, greener future.

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