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Ontario Government Launches Bold Initiative to Slash MRI and CT Scan Wait Times

Toronto – In a decisive move to address the longstanding issue of lengthy wait times for MRI and CT scans, the Ontario government has unveiled a comprehensive plan as part of its “Your Health” initiative. With the aim of providing faster, more convenient access to essential healthcare services, the province is set to add 100,000 additional MRI and CT scans annually at community surgical and diagnostic centers throughout Ontario.

The announcement, made by Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring Ontarians receive the care they need promptly and closer to home.

“When it comes to wait times for surgeries and procedures, the status quo is not acceptable. That’s why our government is taking bold action to boost access to surgeries and diagnostic imaging so that Ontarians can conveniently access the care they need sooner, closer to home,” stated Minister Jones.

The initiative, which launches with a call for applications today, will see new licenses issued starting in Fall 2024. The goal is to significantly reduce wait times for MRI and CT scans to just 28 days in every region of the province, ensuring timely access to critical diagnostic services.

Furthermore, the plan includes additional calls for applications to expand the range of services offered at community surgical and diagnostic centers, including GI endoscopy procedures and orthopedic surgeries.

This move builds upon previous successes, including achieving the shortest surgical wait times in Canada in 2023 and adding new MRI machines and licensed cataract centers across the province.

In addition to increasing capacity, the government is emphasizing the integration of new facilities with the broader public health system. Stringent quality assurance measures, including routine inspections by Accreditation Canada’s new Quality Assurance program, are set to begin in October 2024 to ensure consistent patient safety and quality care.

The call for applications is open province-wide for eligible applicants, with a 10-week window for submissions starting from June 3, 2024. All centers must adhere to legislation ensuring fair access to insured services for all patients.

Ontario’s community surgical and diagnostic centers have been providing publicly funded services for over 30 years, with over 900 centers currently operational throughout the province.

This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant step forward in improving access to healthcare services for Ontarians and underscores the government’s commitment to delivering timely and high-quality care to residents across the province. Stay tuned to GTA Today for further updates on this important development.

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