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Ontario Government Issues Request for Bids to Expand EV Charging Stations in Remote Areas

TORONTO — The Ontario government has launched a new initiative to build and operate electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in 15 underserved and remote areas across the province. This expansion aims to ease the accessibility of EV charging outside major urban centres, alleviating range anxiety and bolstering Ontario’s electric vehicle manufacturing industry.

“Ontario’s future is electric, and our government is making it easier than ever to own and operate an EV in Ontario while attracting billions of dollars in investments and creating tens of thousands of well-paying jobs in the process,” said Prabmeet Sarkaria, Minister of Transportation. “We’re increasing access to electric vehicle charging stations – particularly in rural and northern communities – so we can help more drivers go electric with confidence.”

The province is inviting applications to build and operate publicly accessible charging stations on government-owned properties. These sites include highway rest areas, carpool parking lots, and tourist destinations such as Ontario Parks. The initial procurement phase focuses on over a dozen locations, predominantly in northern Ontario, with the first EV chargers anticipated to be operational by 2025.

Through the EV ChargeON program, the Ontario government is investing $91 million to enhance access to EV chargers across the province. This program aims to provide small, rural, and Indigenous communities with the opportunity to switch to electric vehicles. Currently, Ontario hosts approximately 3,550 public EV charging stations, featuring around 9,650 Level 2 and Level 3 (high-powered) EV charging ports.

This strategic investment underscores Ontario’s commitment to a sustainable, electric future, ensuring that even the most remote areas are well-equipped to support the growing number of electric vehicles on the road.

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