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Ontario Government Invests $1 Billion to Refurbish Hydroelectric Stations in Eastern Ontario

OTTAWA – Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) ambitious $1 billion investment to refurbish eight hydroelectric generating stations in Eastern Ontario has received a significant boost from the provincial government. This initiative aims to secure 1,617 megawatts (MW) of clean electricity generation, equivalent to powering 1.6 million homes, in response to increasing demand for electrification across the province.

Stephen Lecce, Minister of Energy and Electrification, emphasized the historic role of Eastern Ontario’s hydroelectric infrastructure in providing clean energy for over a century. “With today’s investment, we’re extending the operational life of these stations by decades,” stated Lecce. He highlighted the project’s broader impact, including the creation of 500 new high-paying jobs, supporting economic growth, and ensuring affordable power for families in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

The refurbishment will focus on upgrading 45 units across stations including Arnprior, Barrett Chute, Mountain Chute, Stewartville, Chats Falls, Chenaux, Des Joachims, and Otto Holden. These enhancements are expected to increase annual production by up to 100 gigawatt hours, sufficient to power over 11,000 homes annually.

Heather Ferguson, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Affairs at OPG, underscored the investment’s significance in enhancing operational efficiency and grid reliability. “This project will not only create skilled job opportunities but also ensure that our hydro stations meet energy demands well into the future,” said Ferguson.

Local support for the initiative was echoed by Goldie Ghamari, MPP Carleton, who emphasized the economic benefits and sustainability of the project for the Ottawa region. “These refurbishments will secure the clean, green power needed to drive our local economy and support our communities,” noted Ghamari.

The investment is part of Ontario’s broader “Powering Ontario’s Growth” plan, aiming to meet escalating energy demands while reducing emissions. Key components include advancing nuclear power development, competitive procurements for electricity generation and storage, and expanding transmission infrastructure to support clean energy initiatives such as electric vehicle manufacturing and clean steel production.

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